Primary Complex Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


This is my daughter’s chest x-ray. Unfortunately she has contracted a disease called primary complex. Primary complex is a form of Tuberculosis that commonly occurs in young children.

It is caused by infection from the bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]. This bacteria can be transmitted from person to person, usually by mucous droplets that became airborne when the sick individual coughs, sneezes, laughs, sings, or even breathes [2].

Our one-year-old daughter has been in medication for almost two months now. Prior to her diagnosis and medication, we were really worried about her poor weight gain and low appetite.

It was also frustrating that we were totally clueless on what was causing it back then. In our experience, below were the symptoms we noticed.

Primary Complex Symptoms

  • Poor weight gain, (her weight was playing around 17.5 lbs for 3 consecutive months.)
  • Low food appetite
  • Enlargement/bulky lymph node on the neck area


During our monthly check up, Yesha’s pedia prescribed Heraclene so she can catch up on her weight. The pedia told us that if her weight did not improve after a month, it could be due to her weakened lungs.

Of course I couldn’t believe and accept it, how could an energetic, unsickly and active baby have weakened lungs! As a mother, it was really hard to take that news.

So the possibility of lung problem has made me feel down for a few days. But luckily, as I was browsing some posts on a public forum, I stumbled upon a post of one mom who had the same situation as me. And that’s then I learned about Primary Complex.

After stumbling upon this disease, I decided to educate myself about it by searching  and reading information on the net. And having done so prepared me on Yesha’s eventual diagnosis.

PPD Skin Test

After a month of religiously giving Heraclene to Yesha, her weight did not improve and remained the same. Though I already know more about primary complex by that time, it still saddened me and my husband.

So our pedia performed a PPD skin test on Yesha, and asked us return after two days for the reading of the result.

Chest X-Ray

After 48 hours, the result was negative. This prompted our pedia to request for a chest x-ray. A day after we got the x-ray, the radiologist suggested to consider Pneumonia.

However, our pedia, being an experienced doctor, disagreed with the radiologist’s interpretation. She diagnosed primary complex instead due to the fact that Yesha has no bouts of cough.

Below are the photos of  Yesha’s x-rays. Normally, a healthy lungs should be clean and clear. But in her x-rays below, you can easily notice the cloudiness in her lung’s  xrays.


 Chest X-Ray posteroanterior (PA) view


Chest Xray Lateral View

Treatment with Kidz Kit 3

Our pedia prescribed Kidz Kit 3 which costs Php475 per box.

kidz kit 3
Php 80    – Curazid (Isoniazid)
Php 350  – Natricin (Rifampicin)
Php 112  – Zcure (Pyrazinamide)
Each pack of Kidz Kit 3 contains:
2 – 120mL bottles of Zcure (Pyrazinamide) 250mg per 5mL suspension
1 – 120mL bottle of Natricin (Rifampicin) Forte 200mg per 5mL suspension
1 – 120mL bottle of Curazid (Isoniazid) Forte 200mg/10 mg per 5mL syrup


Each 5mL of Zcure suspension contains 250mg pyrazinamide
Each 5mL of Natricin Forte suspension contains 200mg rifampicin
Each 5mL of Curazid forte syrup contains 200mg isoniazid and 10mg pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

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How to Apply Kidz Kit 3

The medication will last for 6 months. Quite a long time? The medication, yes, but you need not wait for 6 months to see the results. For one and half months, Yesha’s weight increased from 17.5 lbs to 19.4 lbs.  Yesha’s appetite for food also returned to normal.
For Yesha’s age, 2.5mL of Kidz Kit is required which should be given religiously and without skippings. So our daily schedule is like this:

6.30am       : Rifampicin (yesha’s wake up time, empty stomach)
7.00am       : Isoniazid (30 mins after Rifampicin)
7.30am       : Breakfast time (30 mins after  Isoniazid )
after bfast    : Pyrazinamide (Anytime during the day)

*Since Rifampicin and Pyrazinamide are both suspensions, they must be shaken well before giving to your child. Rifampicin and Izoniazid must be taken for the whole six months of medication while Pyrazinamide is only for the first two months.


 We also learned that using a syringe (without needle) instead of medicine dropper is easier, cleaner and faster, so that’s what we have been doing for the past months. After almost two months, Yesha is slowly gaining weight and getting plumper.

How to Know if your child is completely healed from Primary Complex

After 6 months of medicating Yesha, I was still worried; I can still feel the small bulge (lymph nodes) in her neck. We were asked by our pedia to have another x-ray examination to confirm if our daughter has been completely healed.

I was really praying hard that our 6-month medication was successful because there was a week that we skipped taking Kidz Kit 3 due to Yesha’s diarrhea.

New Chest X-ray

The radiology report stated complete regression of the previously noted hilar lymphadenopathies suggestive of healed primary Koch’s Infection. Of course I couldn’t understand the report. And I wanted to hear from our pedia that Yesha was indeed healed from Primary Complex.

And to our total relief, our pedia confirmed that the medication was successful. Thank your Lord! Para akong natanggalan ng tinik! all the anxiety faded and was replaced with thankfulness.

The surest way to confirm if your child is already healed is through repeat chest xray. So below are Yesha’s xrays after 6 months of medication.

Comparing with the previous xrays, the new results have clearer images. In the new lateral view x-ray, you will see the three distinctive forms which are the lymph nodes, whereas the previous lateral view shows a very cloudy formless image.

And about the bulging lymph nodes that I could still trace from Yesha’s neck, our pedia told us that it really won’t disappear quickly. We have to wait for the bulge to completely.


 Chest Xray PosteriAnterio (PA) View


Chest Xray Lateral View

We are so happy that our 6-month medication was finally done and successful. We can breathe again.

I’m hoping for your baby’s healing too. Remember, as much as possible, don’t skip the daily medication coupled with prayer.


1. Primary Complex or Tuberculosis in Children by Alexander Kennard (Read here)

2. Chin DP, Crane CM, Diul MY, et al. Spread of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a community implementing recommended elements of tuberculosis control. JAMA 2000; 283:2968-2974


  1. ann

    Hi sis my 3yrs old daughter also have primary complex.. I’m so worried and can’t sleep because of that.. so thankful nbasa ko to.. mejo ntakot lng ako ngayon sa prescribe ng pedia nya

    Rifampacin-morning once a day before meal
    Pza and INA after meal once a day..
    PZA must be 500mg bottle pero 250 lng po nbili nmin (katulad po ng sa inyo) sv ng pedia ni baby since 250 lng daw nkuha nmin PZA must be take twice a day 1 (5ml) in the morning after meal and 1 (5ml) at night after meal din..

    What age po si baby nung nagka primary complex xa? How is she now?

    Thanks for sharing medyo na lessen ang worries ko sis..
    Blessed be

    1. Hi sis ann! Hugs to you! I was also like that before. My baby was only 13 months old when she was diagnosed with primary complex. Your daughter is 3 year old na kasi that’s why your doctor prescribed a 500mg. We just ended her medication this week and is scheduled for chest xray to check if it’s already healed. My worry is not yet through since I can still feel a lymph node on her neck. I hope everything would turn out right with our daughters. I’ll keep you updated. =)

      1. Eddielyn

        gudmorning.,my 7 months old baby also have primary complex.,pinagsasabay q po iyong tatlong gamot nya sa pag papa inom ok lng po ba iyon. or follow q iyong time mo sa pag papainom ng gamot sa anak mo?

      2. Cecil

        Hi, mommy. Nawala na ba ang lymph node ni baby? akin kasi wala pa. This dec. Kami matatapos. Pls. Advice.

      3. Sims

        Hi Ms. Nova, ask ko lang nong nagtake ba baby mo nong medicine tumaba ba sya. Kasi yong anak ko 1st month palang nagtatake ng medicine bigla syang tumaba. Ganon ba ang effect sa baby mo?..

    2. Imelda

      Thank u very much for sharing dis important nessage.

    3. tanong lang po? after po ba inumin yun gamot nung baby nyo pumopupo po ba agad? kasi po pagkatapos inumin ng baby ko yun gamot tumatae siya agad..

  2. Madel

    Thanks Nova and Ann. Just came from hospital with my two kids – 3 and 2 and sadly they are both positive. huhuhu. We are worried about the after effect of the med and of course the price. But after reading this, made us a bit relieved. thanks again and merry Christmas to your families.

    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Madel! I know how you feel. Just give them their daily medication for six months, then the infection will surely regress.Since both of your kids contracted PC, I’m sure your pedia advised you to have all the people in your household have a chest x-ray. Whoever has a TB among your adult family members (just assuming), must also be treated.

    2. yna

      thanks for sharing your story..i have also children diagnosed with primary complex..the kuya is when he was 3 years old. he is now 10 years old.. i applied all the vaccines before, for him because he was very sickly his younger brother is also diagnosed with the same illness.the younger brother is 5 y.o..Yung gamot nya is same sa post nyo po..he takes it every morning lang..30 mins. before breakfast..

      1. Nova

        Thank you Yna. A speedy recovery for your kids…

        1. tin

          Hello,mam my 5y/o son diagnosed with pc just today,im really worried,wala aq idea kaya ngresearch ako,tom pa lang po sya mag.start ng kidz kit,ang advised po ni doc is pagsabayin daw po ang tatlo,,either 1hr before bfast or 2hrs after bfast…my question is,wala nmn po kaso kng pagsabay sabayin or not?tyvm in avance po

  3. Name*lynNer

    hello girls! yung 14 months old baby ko kse after ng xray nya at natanggap na namin yung result, kanina na diagnose sya na may primary complex ipinakita at ipinaliwag sakin lahat ng dx haissst.. at after ng antibiotic nya by dec 25 magsstart na sya ng medication yung kids kitz 3 (antiTb) .. tanong ko lang sis kung may naencounter na ba kayong mga side effects nito with your kiddos? nagaalala kse ko.. mababa lang din ang timbang ni bebe ko at may nakakapa din ako kulani sa may malapit sa tenga nya.. worried talaga ko now haissst ang baby nya pa kse. 🙁

    1. Hi sis, mga ganyang age din naging poor ang weight gain ng baby ko. Wala namang naging negative effects sa daughter ko, pero sa friend ko, nanilaw yung anak nya. Stressful talaga sya sa liver. Don’t forget to read the manual that comes with kidz kit sis. Naka-indicate kasi dun, “Liver function should be assessed before and regularly during treatment of these anti tb drugs.” Actually we didn’t do this. Fortunately ok naman kay baby. Ask mo na lang sis ang pedia mo regarding this. =)

  4. […] 3 months after her birthday she was diagnosed to have a Primary Complex. Oh, the mother in me felt so down and anxious. But thankfully, after 6 months of religiously […]

  5. Eden

    Good day.. Mag ask LNG po ako? Yong baby ko kc meron primary complex 2months na sya umiinom ng gamot then Ngayon ngkaroon sya ng sipon pa check kami pedia n..then pnahinto muna gamot Nya n kids kit3 kc marami daw plema..binigyan sya antibiotic yon daw muna inumin.. Nag taka ako bkit pnahinto, dab dapat Hindi ng skip s pg inom? 1wik sya stop s pa inom ng med.. Then after 1wik ska continue yong med pro yong kids kit2n daw.. Ok LNG b yon? Meron bng ganon.?

    1. Hi Eden, my daughter skipped for one week too when she had a diarrhea. For our case, that didn’t affect her medication and she eventually got healed. 🙂

  6. Malixe30

    Hi Ms Nova, thank you for your blog. It’s really very helpful.
    To share, my son is now 1 yr and 5 mos. Last April 2013, he was confined for 3days because of his pneumonia. It was seen in his X-ray. His pedia also advised to have his PPD and the result was negative. After discharge, we went to his pedia for follow up check up, ang sabi ng pedia even if the result is negative she advised her patient to take the 6 mos medication. I noticed he is having cough and cold every month, hanggang ngayon I give him antibiotics he also have his Vit.C. Nagwoworry lang kasi ako dahil super hirap nyang painumin ng gamot after nya naconfine. Parang nagka phoebia na sya. I am thinking if there is alternative ways like injectable medicines like for 1 month. I’m a working mom and I want to assure my son’s health.
    Any advice are truly appreciated. God bless!

    1. Hi Marlene,

      Naku, challenge talaga ang magpainom ng gamot sa mga young children ano? Kahit kami nahirapan din. About your question on injectables, I think you better ask your pedia if there are any alternatives. As far as medication on Primary Complex is concerned, pilitan talaga and pahirapan, but it’s for their own good naman in the long run. As for us, madalas talagang may power struggles nun and iyakan.

  7. Magic

    Doc sana matulongan Niyo po ako kasi may anak ako na 4 yrls old may nakakapa po akong kulani sa handang baba ng ears nia. Maryland po xa at masakit dw..madalas po na may sipon xa at parado ang nose niya sa gabi..sana po matuloy fan nio ako if ano ang magandang gawin ko.. Then un ank ko nman po na 15yrs old may kulani nman xa sa likod ng ear nia at sa leeg. Ano po ba ang ka isang vitamins pagpalusaw ng kulani? Salamat po at sana ka reply an nio po ako.. God bless.

    1. Hi Emelyn,

      I’m sorry to hear that your kids are not feeling well. I’m not a doctor by the way, it would be helpful if you consult a doctor regarding your children’s health.

  8. son is 4yrs old positive with primary kochs infection but negative with tuberculine testing…cant sleep at night na ako nagiicip ako what might happen to him…he is a born fighter sa totoo lang preterm baby pa sya…

    1. Hi Mitch,

      It’s good to hear that your son is a strong baby. I understand how worried you are, I went through that phase too. He will be ok after six months of religiously medicating him, just like what happened to my daughter =)

  9. rachelle

    Ung 4yr old baby ko po kc,nadiagnosed xa na my pc last aug.16,2013.ask ko lng po if advisable ba ng doctor na dapat empty stomach ang pagtake nya ng rifampicin at isoniazid?kc ako pnagsasabay ko sila after breakfast nya.and ung pyrazinamide pwede po anytime of the day sya painumin?ask lng po kc ako,,kc ung doctor dto sa amin wla man lng cnv about the medication.tnx po.

  10. annaleen torres

    hi po,,may bby po ako 1 yr pld and 6 months na po,
    gnito po kc d po sya nawawalan ng ubo kaya nattakot po ako,,bali baka po may promary complex po sya mag 1month n po mawawala ..babalik po ang ubo,,panu po kayya yun,,symptoms po ba yun ng primary complex po,nattakot po ako..pde po ako ng advise mga symptoms po ba ng sa anak is may primary complex po sya..mababa din po ang timbang nya..please advise po thanks po.

    1. Hi Annaleen,

      Naku, wag kang mag-consult sa internet, mas maganda ay magpatingin kayo sa doctor dahil kalusugan ng anak mo ang nakasalalay dyan. Nakakatakot talaga malaman kung ano talaga ang sakit ng bata, pero you need to overcome it para magamot nyo na ang maayos ang baby mo.

  11. judy abao

    we’ll be starting our treatment and i’m looking forward in the next six months and we’ll get there!God has reasons and we’ll pass through these challenge thanks for sharing…:)

    1. Amen to that Judy! 🙂

  12. Patty

    will start the kidz kit 3 tomorrow. the kit has 4 bottles pala. 2 of the 4 bottles is zcure. doc said 1tsp of each med an hour before breakfast. is the zcure just an extra bottle or should I give it twice? confused. so that’s 10ml of zcure everyday for 6 months? thanks 🙂

  13. Rhona

    I was reading through your forum hoping to find answers regarding Primary Complex. We are scheduled for repeat xray this weekend. My youngest was diagnosed with PKI when he was only 9 months and we are just a week away to know the result of our six months medication. I’m one worried mom right now. I’ve been praying that he would be cleared. I wanna know if there are any signs or something to know whether he’s going to be cleared or not before our repeat xray.

    1. Hi Rhona,

      By now you already had your son’s repeat x-ray, and I hope your son is already healed. As for your question, based from our experience, my baby’s appetite started to improve and she was slowly gaining weight again 🙂

  14. arlie jane

    hi ms. nova,
    my 1 year & 4 mos months baby was diagnosed n my pneumonitis. at first mdalas cipon at ubo xa, then ng ngpa check up kmi sbi ng pedia neumonia dw. na noticed dn n poor weight gain ung baby q so ng suggest ung pedia nia to have askin test. sobrang takot q nun hbang hnhintay ung 3 days.. sadly ng positive xa.. auq pang maniwala agd n my primary ung anak q so humingi aq ng 2nd opinion s ibang doktor. ngpa xray ndn ung baby q at un nga ang lumabas sa impression ” pneumonitis , inner lung zone “. sbi ng doktor papunta ndw ng primary complex so pra maagapan kylngang mg treat ng 6 mos. luckily ok nman s knia ung lasa ng gamot.. this is his first day s treatment & i hope mging ok n xa after medications.. ngtataka lng aq kc ung ibang ng treatment dn ung pyrazinamide nla 500 mg.. bkit skin 250 mg. lng ung nireseta? ok lng kya un? d kya mgkulang s dosage ung anak q? please help me nman.. i need some advice.. tnx..

    1. hi arlie, good thing approved naman sa baby mo yung lasa ng gamot. As far as I know, yung dosage will depend on the age of your baby. But better clarify with your pedia about it 🙂

  15. Christine

    Hi my daughter had been diagnosed with koch’s disease her pedia did ppd skin test and x ray, skin test came out positive then she prescribed hrz kit unfortunately she didn’t like it, is the kidz kit medicine bitter too im afraid that we cant finish the 6 months medication cause she finds waynto spit the medicine out, im tired and don’t know what else to do for her to take her medicine im stressed and worried sick right now is there a good tasting brand of medicine for pc?

    1. Hi Christine, oh I feel you. My daughter is like that right now, it’s really a challenge for us to give her medicine, pwersahan talaga. I can feel how stressed and worried you are by your post, but I hope your pedia could help you out. I don’t know if there are good tasting brands out there. 🙁

    2. arlie jane

      nku sis mapait tlg ung lasa nung kidz kit3 lalo n ung rifampicin (sori if wrong spelling). pti amoy mapait.. pero ung dlwang gamot n nkasama dun mabango nman xa bka tolerable nman ung pait s anak m.. tyagaan lng tlg sis.. kesa mauwi lng s wla ung pgpapainom m ng gmot.. gudluck s baby gurl m.. sna gumaling ndn xa..

  16. Janelle

    My son was not underweight but he was diagnosed with PComplex after we got confined sa ospital due to diarrhea and pnuemonia. He was positive both xrays and PPD. He started Kid’s Kit 2-3 weeks ago and he was so hyper ever since. We noticed nung ngstart xa ng meds parang palagi xang gutom and super duper hyper.. It also happened sa neice ko. Ganun din po ba ung sa inyo?

    1. Hi Janelle,

      Talaga? What happened kaya… my daugther didn’t become hyperactive, she still behaved the way she used to. At least the good thing is your loves to eat na… But maybe part of the reason why’s he always hungry is because he’s super hyper as you said.

  17. Christine

    Hi nova, thanks for the reply try namin and kidz kit if mas gusto nya yun ayaw nya kasi ng color red na medicine gusto lang nya ng yellow kasi banana daw un pati spediatrician nya sumasakit na ang uli 🙂 if there is an injectable nga daw un nlang ibibigay nya kaso wala talaga, stop daw muna kami bigyan siya ng gamot kc 2 weeks na din siyang nag take ng medicine sa ubo sipon at pneumonia bago ma diagnose und primary complex may phobia na kasi siya sa gamot

  18. arlie jane

    tnx s reply ms. nova.. cguro dpende ndn un s age ng baby.. kc un tlg nireseta s knia.. 250 mg lng.. btw.. tnx dto s column n 2 kc nkakapgpalaks ng loob nming mga mothers kpag nbabasa nmin ung mga comment ng iba.. mjo naiintindihan q ndn ung 2ngkol s primary complex.. hoepfully lhat kming nanay n ngpapainom ng gmot mging successful n. at sna gmaling n ung mga babies nmin.. tnx ms. nova.. nkakagaan s feeling ung mga reply m..

  19. Janelle


  20. nabiha

    my baby has a cough and colds for less than a week and taking antibiotics and cough syrup while waiting for PPD result. Luckily, PPD was negative,no chest xray test but still his pedia give him HR Pedia Kit for 3 months. He is not gaining weight also. I was too much worried bcoz of this..

    1. Hi nabiha,

      It really is a big cause of worry for us moms when our kids are ill. But take heart and be strong for your baby, he will be fine 🙂 just persevere with the medication

  21. Ella

    hi mommy nova.imso much afraid and worried about my beloved sons.nung month of july nachest xray ung bunso q and ngpositive cia sa primary.and now ung pnganay q nmn meh primary came na preho clang me primary,hindi nmn un nkakahawa db?

    1. Hi Mommy Ella,

      Awww… dalawang anak mo pa ang merong primary complex, that’s why you’re so worried. Hindi nakakahawa ang primary complex from children. Baka there is someone in your household or kung san kayo madalas mag-stay na merong TB, it is advisable din na magpa chest xray yung mga kasama sa bahay.

  22. lona olmedo

    thank you so much for sharing your experience Miss Nova, nabigyan mo ako ng pag-asa,meron dn kasing primary complex ang baby ko 8mos pa sya, and hopping na gumaling sya same as your daughter because i know nothing is impossible as long as we trust in God’s Miracle.
    God Bless

    1. Hi Lona,

      You’re welcome, good luck with your baby’s medication, yes gagaling ang baby mo. God bless!

      1. Rhogie

        hello najsa ko

      2. Rhogie

        hi.sis nbsa ko po na possible mag ka effect sa liver ni baby naten ang meds extended po ang treatment nameng
        ng another 3 mos lalo po ako nagwoworry 🙁 peo iso with pyra lng naman po ang continue pls. nagwowory pu ako

        1. Nova

          Hi Rhogie,

          Parang may nabasa nga akong ganyan noon. Mas maganda siguro kung ika clarify mo itong concern mo sa pedia mo, para ma-educate ka nya and maliwanagan ka. Sya yung tamang tao na makakapag clear ng worries mo.

  23. Hi Nova, very useful at informative tong blog mu.. Many thanks.. Ask ko lang if your daughter was taking vitamins while taking kidz kit? I forgot to ask my son’s pedia kase..

    1. Hi Babbsy,

      sorry for the late reply, actually my baby was not taking vitamins during that time, kasi struggle talaga mag-painom, naawa ako. But you better ask your pedia kung ok lang.

  24. Madel

    Hello po.. ung 5yo boy ko was diagnosed ng pneumonia with primary complex thru xray.. need p rin po b iPPD or confirm n tlga n me PC xa? Then ung 1yo baby girl ko eh inuubo at cpon din pero d nman mtindi ung ubo. Ngpxray npo kme dto s bahay negative nman po kme ng father ko.. but ung girl ko need p rin po b ipaxray? Possible po b n PC Din xa? Thanks po..

    1. Hi Madel,

      No need to do PPD na your 5 yo boy since it’s already confirmed by his xray. As for your baby girl, hindi enough yung sipon and ubo, as far as I know may kasama syang poor weight gain and must be confirmed by your pedia thru ppd or xray.

  25. Madel

    Alin po b mas accurate? Ung xray po ba? Pra dna po mgPPD.. ? Ngttka lng po kc ako kung san nya nkuha ung sakit.. negative nman po kme dto s bhay…

  26. Madel

    Possible po b n maulit ulit ung skit nya pg ngkaedad n xa? Til wat age po xa hindi nkkhawa?

  27. Vangie

    Hello mga Mommies! I haven’t got a goodnight sleep after my daughter’s Pedia informed us that she saw something in her X-ray, while my daughter was in the hospital. She’s been in and out almost 3 consecutive years, mostly are Respiratory Illness. Then after her follow-up check-up yesterday, her Pedia informed us that she needs to do a Skin Test on my daughter and explained to me what will happen if it turns to be positive. My head has been twirling thinking of ways how and why….after several online research I found your blog and it was a BIG RELIEF that I wasn’t the only mother who feels this way. Thank you so much for the very informative data regarding Primary Complex, partly my fear has gone and I’m still hoping the result tomorrow will be negative but if it’s positive, I’m still looking forward for my daughter’s complete healing. Thank you!

    1. Hi Vangie,

      It’s good to hear that you felt somehow relieved knowing that you are not the only mom to experience this. =) I’m sure your baby will get better.

  28. This is a really helpful blog. Thanks. Anyway, my son has been diagnosed with primary comp yesterday. He was confined for a day. He has cough now and been vomiting almost every meal/milk. Im worried that he might be dehydrated again. Did your baby experience the same? What did you do? Well he’s been loosing weight for a few months already but he still has appetite though. Now everyone in our household need to be examined/x-rayed to know who passed him the virus. I was shocked to see the hospital bill that amounted to almost PHP 10,000 in ONE day. Im just earning quite above average and Im not sure if I could do this on my own. Im really worried that this whole medication thing will cost me some money. Can you give me any idea how much i would be spending a month? Would really appreciate your response. Thanks for the blog again! May your family be always healthy.

    1. Hi Kate,

      I’m glad you found this blog helpful. My daughter was not confined in the hospital, and the only expenses that we had were for Kidz Kit, PPD skin test and 2 x-rays. All of these didn’t reach 5k. If your son won’t need to be hospitalized again, then the expenses for the medication would be manageable.

  29. RG Fausto

    my 7 yr old daughter just started withe HRZkit about 2 days ago. since she goes to school, i am not able o follow the 1hour before breakfast of the 30 minute interval of rifampicin and isoniazid due to time constsrain. upon waking up i give her the rifam and about a few minutes after the iso and then few minutes she has her breakfast na. does this have any bearing on the administration and effect of the meds. also she complains of stomach ache. thank you

  30. janice

    hi,ask lng ako bkit mag po4 months na nainom anak ko ng gamot pero inuubo pa rin cya,halos evryday my ubo at laging bumabahing.3weeks na cya my ubo.bakit kaya?ganun ba tlaga un,dba dapat pagaling na cya kz umiinom cya ng gamot nya sa PC.pinatingin ko sa pedia nya my nireseta gamot.Un 1 antibiotic and alerkid.ok lng ba un painumin ko ng gamot, 1 week lng nmn nya iinumin un.kaso tlaga woried ako dami na nya iniinom ng gamot di pa rin mawala un ubo.pls make an advice.thakns.

  31. maybelle

    Hi. Like all of you, na experince ko din yan s baby ko. The 1st time mkapa namin un lumps s leeg ng baby ko pnatingnan namin agad sya s pedia.ang nkkalungkot p pina ultrasound un lumps nya at sabi kailangan operahan.sobrang iyak ako non until somebody advised us to get 2nd opinion and that was the time we knew n may primary complex ang baby ko.he undergone 6 months medication.and today he graduated from his daily morning rituals.the pedia suggested “clostrum” capsules (contents to be diluted in his milk) pra dw s stronger immune system after the meds.. to all of you moms like me who share same situation; Good luck and be more patient s pgppainom ng gamot at prayers..I also hope for your kids recovery.God bless us all.

    1. hi .po maam maybelle.. after 6 months po ba ng gamutan ng baby mo nawala narin po yung mga lymp nodes nya..? my son is on his 4th month of medication pero may mga lympnodes prin.. I wonder lng po kung mwawala pa yung mga yun.. kasi medyo madami po.. sa neck and likod ng ears nya.. thank you.

  32. hello po sa inyo mga Mommies. I am a 23 yr old mom, knina lg kmi galng sa dr. at my nkapa xa na parang mga bukol sa bndang neck n bby. ntakot nmn aq nung snabi nya na pwdng mhulog sa primary cmplex un. hndi pa nmn xa ngsbi ng ano mang tests para doon. parang gnyn dn ksi prob ko, poor weight gain at poor appetite. kala ko parang gnun tlga ksi gnun dn nmn aq nung bby. pero nka ilang switch na kmi ng vtamins at gnun parn. pwd po ba mkpag xray ng wlang request? thanks po.

    1. Hi Paula,

      It is best to seek your pediatrician’s advice as to what to do for your child =). If she’s not mentioning about the tests, try mong itanong sa kanya how can you confirm kung primary complex nga yun, since she mentioned it already to you.

  33. Rose

    Hi po yung anak ko kasi na 3 years old may primary.complex tsaka today ko palang nalaman na nag positive sya sa test nang PPD.Nag apply kasi kami nang visitor visa para New Zealand worried. kasi ako baka ma denie kami dahil may.primary complex sya.May 6 months din na gamot sya na iinumin….Still waiting pa rin kasi kami sa result nang application namin..

  34. maysha

    Hi po good day!!! Ung daughterko po na pina x-ray ko po sya negative naman po result and then po ni rquire po ako ng skintest positive po sya sa primary complex paano po un nag da doubt po ako sa pedia nya kasi diagnose nya na may primary complex ung baby ko …ano po ba ung accurate ung x-ray po ba o ung skintest po … actually po may kit na po kaming nabili but d ko pa po pina painom … naguguluhan po kasi ako …. po thanks…..

  35. Jade

    Hi Nova,

    Thanks for your generous advice. I’d just like to ask how your daughter is now? My daughter finished with her meds about 6 months ago. However I can still feel a bump in her neck. I’m not sure if this is normal to have even after medication for primary complex?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Jade,

      You’re welcome, it’s been a year already and my daughter now is as healthy as ever. Don’t worry about the bump, it will gradually disappear. For as long as her chest x-ray shows that she is clear from Primary complex, then you don’t have to worry anymore =)

  36. amarie

    hi ms.nova! sa pag search q ng primary complex eh lumabas ung blog mo regarding sa pci… i feel sad and worried sa bebe q, haay… i can”t imagine na mag kakaron cia nun, kc usual nasa house lng kme at most of the time sa room lng… kaya i feel guilty kc nag resign ako sa work just for her tapos ganun pa din… mag kakaskit pa din… i know that airborne ung pci but d ko alm kung kanino ba cia nahawa. napakahiram nia painomin ng gamot at kht ata anu gawin q

    1. amarie

      d cia iinom… mas gst pa nia ng injection kesa mag take ng meds… haay ayan ang isang big problem ko ngaun panu cia papainumin… may ma suggest po ba kau na brand ng meds na mganda ung taste? thanku po…

  37. Lynn

    Hi everyone ! I am so glad that there’s a useful blog .. Nakakarelieve ng worries. I have 2yrs and 9 mos. Old na may PCI at positive (5-10mm) un PPD test nya after 3days . His pedia gave him kids kit forte and herbal immuno modulator whic is adjunctive treatment for TB .he started taking med on january 7 , 2014 . After a week , he gained almost 1 kilo from 12kilos , he’s now 12.8 . I askd also his doctor kung pwd xa mag take ng meds for cough and colds , pwd naman dw . Pero pag my Pci pala at nagti take ng kidskit 3 ang patient , normal un ubuhin at sipunin xa kc after 3 days the day we started kids kit3 , hnd na xa inuubo at cnicpon . Nagti take din xa ng multivits at ascorbic kc sbi ng doctor kelangan ng katawan nya un

  38. Hi ms.nova! Ask ko lang po. Nagkaroon ba ng discoloration ang baby mo nung my primary siya. Yung baby ko kasi 2yrs.old siya now. Starting nung magka primary siya napansin ko bigla siyang umitim. E maputi ang baby girl ko. So just wondering if it is one of the side effects of the medicine. Thanks for the answer.

  39. chris

    Hi Nova,

    Ask ko lang po kung ang HRZ kit po ba ay maaring ibigay as precautionary medication khit wala pang primary complex? Maari rin po ba tong ibigay kahit pneumonia and asthma lang lang naging sakit ng anak ko?


    1. Hi Chris, oh no I’m not sure. Pinaka maganda pa rin ay magpakonsulta sa pedia nyo kung anong dapat gawin.

  40. Irene Dela Cruz

    This Blog really helps me. LUMAKAS loob ko.. im crying all nyt because my almost 8months daughter have a positive result on PPD just yesterday.. we will start our medication tomorrow.. ang hirap p nmn nya painumin ng gamot using dropper, close mouth tlg. il try using her silicon spoon hope it will work.. Then my family will have xray test on Monday. Im still not informing them for i know they will be bother too mucb which will cause for a sleepless night i know.. somy plan is to tell them on monday before i will ask them that we have to do chest xray exam. Thankful n rin kc my parents whom im with now have their Health card so they will be charge for free except me.. Hoping that everything will alright.. Prayer first..

  41. Eve

    Hi Nova,

    Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate reading your article. My daughter is 13 months old din and was diagnosed with primary complex, but her pedia still want to do the skin test before giving the prescription and advice that the entire household member be check as well. As per her pedia it’s acquired from us or from outside our community. By daughter is very jolly so she’s really socialized baby. Smile to everyone even though she don’t know the person. We’re praying that the skin test will turn negative. I’m anxious with the medication when we learn it will go up to 6 months. But your blog helps.

    Thank you.


  42. Trina

    Good day Ms. Nova! Thank heaven for your blog, found this very helpful for me right now. My daughter has cough that won’t go away, she has been in medication for almost 4 weeks now but nothing seems improving until her pedia noticed her cold sweat and told us that it might have something to do with Primary Complex. I got so nervous and worried because how can my jolly, healthy, breastfed baby be ill.

    She undergone X-ray yesterday (Feb. 17, 2014), got the film today and I read the impression says Primary PTB. My heart swells as I read it. She is scheduled for check up tomorrow and I still do not know how can I deal with it positively.

    She just turned two last Feb. 7. She eats a lot, she sleeps a lot, she plays a lot that is why acceptance gets me really hard right now, in fact I am 2 months pregnant with my second child. I was so stressed until I found your blog. Thank you!

    You said Xray should be done around the household but we live in a compound with most of our relatives, my suspects are my sister in law and my husband’s cousin. They cough a lot! But my sister in law has a child also so I was thinking if my baby got the disease from her, her son couldve been a victim too, right?

    Hay I am beyond worried but glad that there are a lot of fighting moms out there like me. God bless you family especially Yesha!

    1. Hi Trina!

      Oh I know how you’re feeling right now, it’s really hard to accept when you know you gave your best to your baby and this happened. I’m glad that this blog somehow helped you. Regarding your sister in law, yes you’re right, if she has TB then there is a possibility that her son could contract it from her.

      God bless and thank you for the kind words. Your baby will start getting fine 🙂

  43. Hey mommy! my daughter was diagnosed with primary complex last Saturday. what happened was she suffer from measles then had a complication of pneumonia after a month I had her tested for PPD the result came in negative however her xray is saying the opposite. She is gaining weight however it is very slow. Now my question is Does she need to take the medicine same time everyday? I’m a bit confuse with this. Please let me know I’m so worried!what do I need to do if i missed?

    1. Hi Zane,

      You’re probably on medication with your child now. As for our experience, yes we have to take it same time everyday just like any antibiotic. For missed medicine, my doctor said, that for as long as it didn’t exceed two weeks, ok lang, you can continue the medication… but hindi yun palagi. For us once lang nangyari when my daughter had a diarrhea.

  44. meriam g. berse

    good day, yung aking eldest din 6 yrs old nakitaan din sya ng primary koh’s infection sa chest xray nya sa first doctor na pinuntahan ko.. iwas really worried about my child health kaya di pa ako nakuntento nag second option ako pumunta kmi ng pulmonologist para matiyak pero iniskin test yung anak ko ang lumabas negative nman.naguguluhan ako kasi dun sa xray yun ang lumabas sabi nman ng doktor ang ppd daw ang pina accurate na test.

    1. Hi Meriam,

      I guess it comes with a doctor’s experience din? My doctor is ma-edad na so we trust her judgment… Hope your eldest child is doing well…

  45. Mhaya

    Hi po miss nova, nagkaprimary na po ung baby ko nung bago pa siya mag 1yr old, ngayon 3yrs and 10 months na siya.. Napansin ko ulit na nag lose siya ng weight, wala siya ganang kumain kaya naworry po ako kaya pana extray ko po, lumabas ulit dun na may primary ulit siya.. Possible po ba g bumalik un.. Tas nung dinala lo po siya sa pedia niya masama daw po na maggamot ulit ng 6 months kase baka daw masunog naman ang baga ng bata.. Pero talaga napansin ko po na walang ganang kumain at pumayat po siya.. Ano po ba ang dapat ko gawin? Pls reply.. Tnx

    1. Hi Mhaya,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.
      I hope I could help you with your concern, but I’m not a doctor. As far as I know bumabalik sya, but I don’t know what will happen, and what can be done. Better to work closely with your pedia… God bless! Hope your baby will be fine…

  46. Melai Titular

    Hi sis nova, may daughter was diagnosed too. 6months of medication. We’re on our 2nd month now. Would like to ask, may tendency po ba na bumalik ulit kahit matapos ang gamutan?

    1. Hi Melai,

      If my memory serves me right, Primary complex is the first time that a person contracted that illness, then when it hits next, it’s called Tuberculosis na. And for your quesiton, as far as I know, yes may tendency syang bumalik. But I’m not a doctor, just speaking from what I know, better ask your pedia =)

  47. Judith

    Hi, sobrang grateful ako that I was able to come across this blog while searching about my children’s health condition. I want to ask kung anu anu poh ba ang mga bawal kapag may primary complex ang bata?

    1. Hi Judith,

      Glad that this article has brought you some relief. Hmmm, as for your question, I don’t remember anything na bawal pag may primary complex ang bata. As for my daughter, yung medicine time lang nya ang nag-iba samin =)

  48. matet

    hello po.

    MY 10 months old baby was also positive sa ppd test nya last tuesday.. After nya mag ppd test nag pa vaccine kami ng measles/hib. Meron ba yun effect kaya nag positive? Kasi super healthy sya and lakas kumain. Monday ko pa kasi mkakausap dr. Kaya nagwowory tlga ako.. I have no idea kasi about ppd. Kala ko kinuhaan sya ng dugo yun pala meron iniject sa kanya kaya derecho pa din ako sa pag pa vaccine

    1. Hi Matet,

      Did you mean meron bang effect yung vaccine kung bakit nag-positive yung ppd skin test? As I know, wala syang effect, they are not connected. It will be helpful if you’ll ask your pedia for more info about that though. And I suggest that you ask your pedia kung ano na yung mga ginagawa nya sa baby mo para informed ka rin. =)

  49. Matet

    Hi Nova,

    Thanks for your response. I’ve talked to my pedia already and you were right. Vaccine do not affect the ppd test unless it was injected before the day of the ppd test. Hay.. d ko lang tlga matanggap na meron ganun baby ko. feeling ko tlaga sa yaya nya na umalis nakuha yun..

  50. Ruby

    thanks ms.nova for this blog. my son is 1yr&10mos old. kklabas lng nmin sa hospital he had pneumonia and in his xray meron daw spot so may possibility n may primary complex xa. we were ask to have a skin test D’s friday. sobrng lungkot q at super nag aalala pero after reading your blog nbuhayan aq ng loob. thanks a lot. Godbless!

    1. You’re welcome Ruby, glad my experience and others’ experiences were able to help you. Nakakalungkot talaga at nakakapag-alala, but your baby will be fine as long as consistent kayo sa medication. =) God bless!

  51. tess

    gndng araw po,ung daughter ko mag 4taong gulang this
    year na diagnose with PC last june 2013 nag undergo po sya ng gamutan.after po nun nag repeat xray sya but i felt sad ksi no changes pa rin ung result.bkit gnun?tumaas nman timbang nya from 12-now 15.5kilo nagfollow up check up po sya sa pedia and doctor advice na ituloy pa rin an gmutan until now nka 9mth na. kelan kya mtpos gmutan kasi worried tlaga ako na..mrming slmat po. God Bless

    1. Hi Tess,

      I understand how worried you are… bakit kaya hindi agad gumaling ang daughter mo… but it’s a good thing nag-gain na sya ng timbang… since 9 months na kayo, ask your pedia kung ano nang next na dapat gawin, kung magpapa repeat xray ba ulit. If the results didn’t change, which is wag naman sana, try to ask other pedia’s opinion. Kasi as far as I know, hindi ok sa lungs ng bata yung sobrang matagal na gamutan ng kidz kit… so better ask your or other pedia’s opinion… hope things will improve with your daughter.

  52. ariesa

    Hi miss nova,ung daughter q positive din xa s PKI,need ko po mlaman kung ang rifampicin e kylangan ipainom b4 breakfast(empty stomach)?once a day lng kc ang nilagay ng pedia nya,nabasa q d2 s blog n dpt empty stomach.1st day ng pag inom ngaun,sabay sabay ko pinainom,is dat okay?pls answer..thank you

    1. Hi ariesa, yung pedia ng daughter ko yung gumawa ng schedule, sinunod lang namin… I suggest, better to clarify it with your pedia 🙂

    2. krystal

      Aww sis same tayo. Nagcmula ko ng painumin son ko nung may 4. Sabay sabay ko pinainum lahat twing 7pm.. natanong mo nb sa pedia kng anu po mangyyare pag ganun?? 🙁

    3. Jojo

      Hello po Ms Ariesa,, same tayo ng way ng pagpapainom sabay-sabay yung tatlong gamot with an empty stomach @ 5:00 A.M.

  53. teresa

    Hi… lumuwag ang paghinga ko ng mabasa lahat ng question and answer about primary tb. my son diagnos two days ago… his 8yrs. old na po xia ,hindi normal n bata lumaki xang mahina kumain . payat madalas pa xa maconfine sa ospital na apektuhan na ung pag-aaral nia . sobrang na neglect ko ung health nia . kaya nung lumabas ung result di ko na npigilang umiyak habang naglalakad parang pinagsakluban tlg ako. akala ko kc ok lang xa dahil sobrang active nia kahit payat . un pala …
    worried ako ngaun dahil sv ng mother inlaw ko i pa stop muna xia mag school. incoming grade 3 na xia sa pasukan.and sbi nia nkakahawa daw. may 4months old baby kc kaming ksama sa bahay .and super close ang anak ko sa baby,
    mahahawa po ba ung baby sa kanya and dapat ba na wag muna xa pumasok sa school.?
    and about po sa effect sa liver nya . ano po ba ang best sa ihain sa kanya para maiwasan ung damage sa liver.

  54. cris

    hi mga mommies,un son q nman 1yr and 7mnths ng ma-diagnose na may primary complex. ang npansin q lng sa kanya lagi xa may sinat tuwing gabi..simula nun nilagnat xa at dinala nmin sa ospital den na diagnose na PC,napansin q na lagi xa uhaw anu mng oras maghapon tapos kpag gabi malakas nman dumede..napansin q rin ndi nwwla un lagnat nya sa gbi (mild fever) kahit nainom na za ng gamot..sadya kyang gnon?

  55. Ermina Restua

    Hi Ms.Nova.Good day po…ask ko lng po kung meron bang injectable kidz kit3?kasi napakahirap po tlaga painumin ng anak ko turning 4yrs old. sinusuka nya po at tlagang niluluwa pag pinapainum kya worried po ako dina po tama yung sukat na anu po kya good milk at vitamins supplement pra sa kanya wlang gana kumain at payat po sya…Thanks po and God bless.sana po masagot din sa gmail [email protected]

  56. […] Xray Lateral View Please read Part 1 to read about Primary Complex symptoms and our journey in medicating our […]

  57. Good day po ms.nova!!
    Ang dami kong nlaman about s primary complex. Ganyan dn ang anak ko, dnla ko sa pedia nya kc on and off ang ubo tpos hnd nwawalan ng sipon.after nya mag taje ng gamot for a week pag hnd p dn dw nwawala ang ubo ipa xray ko n i did. And the result is pneunomitis and/or primary tb. Pero nag try ako n ipa ppd xa and were waiting pa for the result aftr 3days. Hope its negative.

    1. Nova

      Hi Jho, glad nakatulong yung post. *cross fingers* sana nga negative yung ppd ng anak mo, para healthy. Medyo madugo din sa amin non ang bigyan sya ng gamot.

      1. dior DacAnay

        Hi, okay lang ba ang uminom ng water or breastmilk after mag take ni baby ng isoniazid at rifampicin? 30mins din ang interval ng painom ko ng med and sa morning ang take para empty stomach sya. Thank you and God bless 🙂

        1. Nova

          Hi Dior, hmmm based dun sa prescribed ng pedia namin, yung breakfast ay 30 minutes after Isoniazid. So parang 1 hour after taking Rifampicin…:)

          6.30am : Rifampicin (yesha’s wake up time and has an empty stomach)
          7.00am : Isoniazid (30 min after Rifampicin)
          7.30am : Breakfast time (30 min after Isoniazid )
          after bfast : Pyrazinamide (Anytime during the day)

          1. Rhogie

            hello gud day ms.nova natapos na po ang 6 mos ng baby ko pero my tym pa din na inuubo sya
            infact kakatapos lang magka pneumonia her pedia didnt ask for asked xray sbe lng nya na
            icontinue for another 3 months ung iso un lang nag gagain naman rya ng weight peo my tym dn na mhina kumaen what do u think is the best thing to do tama nga kya pong continue ang treatment nya!pls really worrie!

          2. Nova

            Hi Rhogie,

            I know you`re really worried about your baby. Kaya lang wala akong idea about your pedia`s decision to continue the iso. Kasi di ba, nagkapneumonia yung baby mo. If you`re uneasy about your pedia`s decision, maybe you can try seek for a second opinion. Hindi kasi ako doctor, so hindi ko talaga alam…

  58. #ruby

    Knabahan tuloy ako sa anak ko, 3yrs old, feeling ko my PC sya. Monthly kc sya ubo cpon. Lahat na nbli ko gatas pang mayaman, pang mahirap. Mag gain lang sya ng timbang, pati vitamins nbli kna ata lahat, ganun p din, 1klo. Per month.

  59. Tin

    Hi Ms Nova, Ask ko lang how young si Baby Yesha nung mag Kidz Kit 3 Forte cia? My baby is staring the kit, 12 months pa lang sya. Thanks.

    1. Nova

      Hi Tin,

      Halos same age lang sila ng daughter ko nung nagstart sya mag kidz kit… 🙂

  60. #ruby

    Npa xray kna ung anak ko knina sna nman negative sya ayoko ng ganun skit, my experience b kau tuwing lagnat sya hingal sya, sbi bka my hika daw, naku tambling ako nun, yoko nun sakit n un forlife n un eh. Sna negative sya sa PC.

    1. Nova

      Hi Ruby,

      Ganun ba… mahirap nga yung hika. Walang naexperience na lagnat at paghihingal ang daughter at that time…

  61. lheng Reyes

    Hi mommies,

    My LO was diagnosed with PC about 5 months ago, napansin ko may konting ubo tapos nag-spike fever ng mataas nag seizure siya. Sa hospital di pa nalaman agad antibiotics siya pero di nawawala fever, buti na lang the doctor decided to have x-ray, dun nakita. Pina-xray lahat ng kasama sa house and we found out na-contract sa father ko. We had a hard time painumin ng gamot sa umpisa pero pagtagal she got used to it. Yun pala dahilan kung bakit di niya na-hit tamang weight kahit malakas magdede at kumain. Ngayon bumigat na siya, matatapos na rin ang gamot ngayong may kaso lang at this time inuubo siya mga 2 weekd na, antibiotics na siya plus continuous gamot. Medyo worried din ako kc the whole time ng treatment ngayon lang siya inubo ng matindi. Did this happen to you while on-going treatment?

    1. Nova

      Hi Lheng,

      sorry to hear nagkaubo pa ang anak mo. With my daughter, hindi naman sya nagkaubo during our treatment. Hope your child is fine now.

  62. angie

    Good pm.ask ko lng po mahawahan kya ng 6yrs old son ko ung 3months old baby ko?kc ndiagnosed xa khpon n my PC?

    1. Nova

      Hi Angie, as far as I know, hindi nakakahawa yung mga bata na 10 years and below. But please confirm with your pedia 🙂

  63. Thollyjoy Bautista

    Hi po,at Nanak qng 4yrs old my primary complex din pwede bang khit do name km I mgpa check up bibili nlng AQ many got name kgaya many x inyo ,wlandin kac kmi ng bpera png pa checkup at ntakot AQ x xxbihin ng doctor

    1. Nova

      Hi Tholly, paano nyo nalaman na mayroong primary complex ang anak mo kung hindi pa kayo nagpapadoktor? I understand kung wala pa kayong pera pampacheck-up. Pero kailangan ng reseta ito ng doktor para malaman mo kung tig-ilang mL ang ibibigay mo sa anak mo…

      1. Duvy

        Hello sis, my son was diagnosed primary complex last november, i just finished the medicine this may, and he undergo Xray turns out may lymph nodes pa nakita sa xray positive pa cya, so the medication was extended for another 3 mos. i went to another doctor for a second option sabi nya okay naman ang baby pag na treat talaga nang 6 mos at nakita mo nag improve weight nya at hindi na cya nagco-cough always at ang baby ko okay na naman yun weigh at gana nang kain compared before, di ko lang intindi kung bat pina extend pa nang other doctor yung medication takot ako kasi malakas maka affect yung meds sa liver nang babies.. Iba iba talaga doctor di lang daw nag shrink ang scar nya.. How old is your baby na ba na nagka primary complex? Ano weight nya ngayun? Thanks sis!

  64. Jojo

    Hi po Ms Nova
    Ang baby ko po na 4 yrs na-diagnosed po na may PC sa resulta pok ng Chest x-ray nya na request ng pedia namin. We started pong painumin sya nung kid kit med nung March 12, 2015… Bale po, natapos na nya yung Pyrazinamide for 2 months in-take nung May 12.
    Napansin ko po, simiula po nung tinigil na namin yung Pyrazinamide, bigla po syang nagkaroon ng mataas na lagnat a week after. At parang lumalala ubo nya.
    Continue ko lang po pinapainom ng Dolan Forte for his fever ngayon para po hindi sya lagnatin.

  65. Hi, my son is 10 months old and last month he was admitted twice because of high risk pneumonia… after being discharged from the hospital for 12 days he was all well and everything went back to normal, but then again after just 2 or 3 more days his having cough and fever again and I noticed he has fever at night time.. but he is okay during day time… It got me so worried again and so I talked to his pedia and she said okay in this case we need to know what causing him to have these on and off cough, colds and fever. So my son had his PDD Skin Test and after three days the result was positive… he has primary complex…it’s hard, I feel so sorry for my baby…we are now starting his medication… 6 months is way too long…but i will do everything for my son and hoping that he will be able to recover from it very soon…. but I have doubts and fears..kase marami ako naririnig na pag matagal ang gamutan pwedi ma apektuhan kidneys ng bata because of his/her medicines intake. anu ba pwedi gawin?

    thank you.

  66. ney

    hello mga mommies.. ako din bgo lng na diagnose baby ko g primary kochs infection.. 1 week and 2 days xa na confine kc la xa gana kumain lalo n uminum ng gatas at tubig..ive been so worried lalo n nagtatae pa xa.. shes been irritated lage..pero thank God s tulong ng dextrose at mga gamot medyo ok na xa.. weve been starting her anti-tb meds for 4 days n ngaun.. her treatment will end dis nov. 30.. sabi ng doctor nia ang uunang bibigay dw niyan ay ang liver for side effects.. pag nanilaw dw mata ng baby ko report ko dw asap s knyang doctor.. thankful ako s post mo about primary complex at experience ng mga mommies n ngkaroon ang mga anak ng ganito kc i learned so much juz by reading the xomments posted here. its a reliever.. sna gumaling n baby ko ang 100% tb free na.. Godbless to all


    hello po nag pa xray po kz ang anak ko meron daw po xa primary kochs infection pero nung ma skin test po negative naman po peo pabalik balik po ang sipon nia ,ask ko lang po may chance po ba na mali ang skin test?nalilito po kz ako bkit sa xray meron xa primary thanks po

  68. chrispenson

    Hello po ask ko lang po, papano po kung hindi agad nadetect ng pedia na may primary pala ang bata. May malaking epekto po ba ito s bata? Mas tatagal po ba gamutan pag ganun? Kasi po ang anak ko wala naman ubo o sipon tapos biglang may primary na nung sinabe ng pedia tapos biglang 2lungs n agad. It means po late na nadetect ng pedia kasi 2lungs n agad? Db dapat isa lang muna kung hindi pa malala. Ibig sabihin ba nun malala n case ng anak ko? Di kasi ako mapakali reply po kayo. Salamat

  69. Yhe

    Hi! Kaka discharged lang ni baby from hospital nag ka pulmonya kc, pero ang iki na bo bother q yung primary complex.. natatakot kc ako baka mag positive ang PPD test nya.. may I ask po if gaano ka serious ang sakit na primary complex?

  70. The Family Woman

    Hi yhe, not sure how to answer your question. PC is a form of tuberculosis, so I think it’s a pretty serious illness, plus the medication lasts for half a year.

  71. The Family Woman


    Feel free to share your experiences about primary complex so other fellow moms could learn from you. Rest assured that I’d be able to read your comments. However, I won’t be able to entertain questions anymore.

    THANKS and God bless!

  72. Leah

    Just now. na receive ko na xray ng twin. ko. though negative sa tuberculin test pero findings sa xray primary koch’s infection. 3 days akong walng tulog while waiting sa result ng tuberculin test. akala ko ok makakaluwag na sa feeling knowing that. and medyo confident ako na siguro negative din sa xray. unfortunately Hindi. i really want to cry now. dami ng pain ng mga baby ko, pagkapanganak palang nila.
    Thanks for this, khit papano nalessen ung pag-aalala ko knowing meron akong same case and successful sa medication.
    Hoping and Praying my twins get better and maging healthy na sila.

  73. ronnie dato

    Hi! Diagnosed anak ko ng pc. Nang pinainom ko ng gamot nagkaroon sya ng pantal at nangati bukod sa kids kit 3 merun pa po bang ibang gamot para sa mga my allergy sa gamot ng pc.?

  74. MJ

    My 4yrs old daughter nagpasitive din na my primary complex after nag PPD test, so her pedia said nothing to worry about kc di nman daw siya infectious to others. Thankful din ako free na ung gamit niya na Kisz kit(Pyrazinamide 500mg ,Rifampicin 200mg ,Isoniazid 200mg) good for six mos. Her perdia did not required her for x-ray. My kulani kc siya. So , ayun thankful pa din ako at free ung gamot niya.

  75. hi! my eldest son recently diagnosed ng primary complex 🙁 i didnt expect that kasi nasa bahay lang naman sila since baby sila hindi lumalabas ng bahay ang masakit pa nasa abroad ako but my mum is taking care of them 🙂 natakot ako nung una kong nalaman hindi ako nakatulog hanggang ngayon 🙁 parang gusto ko magkaroon ng sariling pakpak at lumipad agad para yakapin ang baby ko. but that’s really impossible kaya ang weapon ko ngayon is prayers. 6months gamutan niya and waiting for the x-ray result sana hindi ganun kalala sobra na akong natatakot napaka bata pa ng anak ko para sa ganitong sakit :'( pero nung nakita at nabasa ko to narelieved ako kahit papaano. sana maging ok na ang anak ko at lahat ng baby natin.keep praying lang mga mommies kaya natin to nila babies! thank u sis nova sa pag share ng experienced mo at sa iba na din na nagshare.

  76. Marie

    Hi, my son has been diagnosed with Primary Complex. He is 6.5kilos and 5months old. He has poor appetite and fails to thrive. We were advised for OGT feeding. We have the same medicine, but haven’t started it yet as per advise. WE have decided to decline OGT, pls let me know if I have made the right decision and eventually he will have his appetite back by the time he will start his meds?:(

  77. jean g.galang



    1. hello, my mga side effects ang gmot, pero hindi lahat ay nakakaranas nito, andg pinaka common lang eh yung red-orange ang ihi nila, pero ok lang yun. bantayan mo lang pag nangati yung anak mo o nanilaw, dapat dalhin mo agad sa docxtor niya.

  78. Claudee

    Hi Novah! my 4y.o. daughter has on and off fever for 3 weeks. Sa first checkup n’ya tonsillitis daw yung cause ng fever and mild cough nya, then after 3 days back to normal na ulit yung condition nya. Come Tuesday night nagstart nanaman s’yang lagnatin so nag worry na ko kasi bumalik nanaman lagnat n’ya for the 3rd time kaya pinacheck s’ya ulit, pero may kasama ng laboratory. Then the next day we already had the results of her cbc, platelet count and chest x-ray, nagulat lang ako sa result ng x-ray n’ya, diagnose na possible daw na positive s’ya sa primary complex, mejo nakakagulat kasi wala naman sa family namin ang pwedeng makahawa sa kanya, so we decided na magpa-second opinion. Just now tinawagan ko yung daddy nya for the result, sabi ng Pedia tama daw yung nasa result ng chest x-ray n’ya kaya she ended up with PDD skin Test. We have to go back on Saturday to know kung ano yung final take ng Pedia n’ya and we’re hoping na sana negative. 🙁

  79. Hi mommies, after reading your comments and sharing about PC medyo gumaan pakiramdam ko, yung baby ko kz eh pina PPD test din ng peia niya, bukas na ang reading niya kaya kinakabahan ako, sana negative kz dmi tlaga side effects ng gamot.

  80. gabby

    hi ma’am nova, thanx for this page as i was googling through the net searching for answer what primary complex is i came up with your page i dont know why i opened it first but im thankful i did, my daughter and son are both diagnosed of PC just recently, and i was worried when reading what it meant and ciempre in tears im far from them kasi seaman po ako, my wife just told me through fb msg. i hope yesha is better now… it would be helpful of you could update me about your daughter it would atleast lessen the woories i have since im too far from them and could not do anything but just pray and hope for their recovery.. god bless to your family..

  81. s.jenita

    Hi my name is jenita. from india. my age is 15. i also having primary complex i am soo worried about it because this infection is repeating to me . my mom became very sad about me . This is my 3rd month for the medicine . i am confused i can’t concentrate in my college. after reading this comments a new spirit came into me i can also be healed thank you for sportivating . please pray for me and for my family

  82. s.jenita

    Hi my name is jenita. from india. my age is 18. i also having primary complex i am soo worried about it because this infection is repeating to me . my mom became very sad about me . This is my 3rd month for the medicine . i am confused i can’t concentrate in my college. after reading this comments a new spirit came into me i can also be healed thank you for sportivating . please pray for me and for my family

  83. Mapie

    Gudday po. Ung baby ko po nadiagnose na may PC. Dahil sa x-ray. Nagtataka ako bakit wala xang kulani. Meron narin po ba sainyo jan naka-experience ng ganto? Sana po may magreply agan kc nid ko po jg comparison talaga.

  84. Mapie

    Tapos ung wiwi po ba ng baby nyo nung uminom ng kirzkits3 naging color red? Pati popoo?

  85. Jennifer

    Hi, my four (4) years old daughter is also diagnosed by Primary Koch’s.

    Before this, she was been confined for five (5) days in the hospital due to Pneumonia. Upon confinement I also told the doctor that this is the first time that her cough did not get well after giving her prescribed medicines. And told him about her allergies too which possible might cause. The doctor have given her IV antibiotic, Fluimucil, Prednisone, Meptin, and E-Zinc for her cough but still not working out, her cough is still deep in sound upon four (4) days of confinement. Then I remember that there is one in our family who is currently undergoing for a lung treatment (Pneumonia Tuberculosis) with an age of sixty (60) years old, and thirty (30) years old whom diagnosed with lung problem, so I told the doctor immediately. About hearing that, he did not have a second thought he immediately prescribed us a med kit (Rifampicin, Isoniazid Pyridoxine HCI, and Pyrazinamide). After taking those medicines for two (2) days, her coughs expel and recovered her energy. Then upon discharged, the doctor recommended us to undergo her for a PPD skin test.

    We have the same reactions as other parents do; personally I have been so paranoid and badly worried, and so as my husband upon hearing that.

    After six (6) days of discharge, we visit the doctor’s clinic for her PPD skin test. After a shot, I often take a look of the reaction on her skin. At first it has a small swelling (time of shot is 5:23 PM). Around 7:00 PM, I once checked it and found that redness is getting bigger in size. Once again, I checked it around 9:24 PM and the redness measured for about half centimeter, and I worried a lot, I keep praying and hoping it would stop on that size. But then in the morning I noticed that redness is starting to become bruise and it measured double the size. On that, I stopped looking and checking, but I am still praying and hoping for negative result, though I know to myself that it was already positive as per described by my friends whose children also undergone for PPD skin test with positive and negative results. Then for the last time, before her follow up check-up, I once checked it and found that it is already more than one centimeter and it seems like a bruise. So I prepared myself for whatever result it would be, and given myself a mindset of worst case scenario.

    Then as per doctors reading, it is positive that she has a Primary Koch’s, and needed for six (6) months treatment. The schedules are as follows:

    Before Meals for six (6) to nine (9) months:
    1. Rifampicin (Rimaped) – 6ml
    2. Isoniazid Pyridoxine HCI (Comprilex) – 4ml (15 minutes after Rifampicin)
    3. Breakfast after an hour

    After Meal for two (2) months:
    1. Pyrazinamide (Zinaplex) – 6ml

    After Meal for three (3) months:
    1. E-Zinc – 5ml

    Luckily, the dosages have lessened than before except for E-zinc.

    Medicine============================ Before ==== After PPD skin test result
    1. Rifampicin (Rimaped)=============== 7.5 ml ==== 6 ml
    2. Isoniazid Pyridoxine HCI (Comprilex)= 5 ml ==== 4 ml
    3. Pyrazinamide (Zinaplex)============ 7.5 ml ==== 6 ml

  86. Princess

    Hi, yung anak ko baby pa lang siya may asthma na. Minsan nagkarun xa ng brocho-ashma. Ngaun 7zrz old na siya. Naawa ako kasi since kinder talagang napakadalas atakihin ng hika. Pero kada pa chku up naman lge findings dhl sa asthma nga daw. Until kanina nakausap q ka parents ko na bka nga daw may Pc ang anak ko. So pag uwi kaninang luch nag research agad ako. Subrang napaiyak aq readingevrythng at lahat ng sintomas nakita ko sa anak ko. Mas lalo pa ako nalungkot thnking na sa side ng papa niya may mga na diagnose ng tb. Tito nya na kapatid ni asawa at ung l
    Lolo ni asawa. Bukas dadalhin q xa sa specialist ng baga na talaga. Kc andami q na npuntahang pedia before pero bkit wala naman gnung findings. PLease pray door my son . Thank you.

  87. Nica

    Ok lang po ba painumin ng Meptin na gamot para sa ubo kahit na Umiinom xa ng Kids3?

  88. Nica

    Generic lang po pinapainom ko sa Anak ko.Sobrang takaw

  89. Hanna

    Thank you sa advertisement na ito. i’m so worried about my daughter because she has positive in the primary complex. i worried about her weight and loss appetite. nahihirapan lang ako na painumin sya ng gamot. dahil ayaw nya ang lasa kya i’m really worried. Please give some advice kung ano ang dapat na ipakin ko din sa knya. please help me. thanks.

  90. meann

    hi..pede po ba mkhingi ng tips.. kasi yung anak ko recently detected may primary complex/ptb..4yrs.old sya. nakaka 7 days plng sya ng anti tb kit gamot..ang problema..ngayon nhhrapan akong painumin sya ng gamot dahil ayaw daw nya yung lasa.lahat na ginawa ko.. anu bang pede kong gwwin? sana mtulungan nyo ko.thank you

  91. meann

    nag woworry kasi ako dhil ndiscuss skin ng pedia nya..posibleng mngyri pag nmiss nya uminom ng gmot.. sobra akong nttkot kasi d p nga kmi nkk 1mnth..phirapan na. sana mtulungan nyo po ako..thank u

    1. The Family Woman

      Hi Meann, may mga moms din dito na hirap magpainon ng gamot. I’m not sure lang kung anong ginawa. Kung wala na talagang choice, sapilitan na lang talaga.

  92. Maria carmela ong

    Hello! May i ask if is it possible for a kid to have PC even when he’s not sickly?

    Just to give you a brief background, my son was exposed to a caregiver with TB when he was just 3 mos old. So he became PPD positive but xray negative. And so pedia still gave him 3 meds. But we asked for 2nd opinion and the doctor just gave him 2 meds instead and this lasted for 6 months. Actually, our firstborn contacted the virus also and she was on medication too.

    The effect on our firstborn was immediate. However, i’m just wondering, my son is already 15 months and he really has a POOR weight gain. I know it’s not proper to compare but i always get worried that maybe we should’ve just given him all the 3 meds. Whenever I bring this topic ip to our current pedia, she’d always tell me she doubts that our son still has PC despite poor weight gain because he’s so active! The signs that we have right now are super poor weight gain (weighs just 8kilos at 15months) and poor appetite (like 3 spoons per mealtime) and that’s it. So napaisip ako sa post mo na yung baby mo ay active and hindi sickly. Thanks!

  93. Mary jane

    Hi Nova,

    We are actually in UST as in this very moment suspect for primary complex din and Andre ko we r done with the skin test and chest xray. Kinakabahan ako as a single mom kasma na ang pera pambili ng gamot and all the other things na pwde ikapahamak ng baby ko ang iniisip ko. But Im still praying that despite this kung kinaya niyo nga kaya din namin to. May God always bless us mom’s

  94. carmela

    hi mommies! 2 weeks n pong umiinom ang 2 year old son ko ng kidz kit 3, every 6:30 am ko po sya pinapainom ng refampicin at isoniazid . madalas po bumabalik sya ulit sa pag sleep. okay lang po kaya iyon?
    thanks in advance.. godbless.

  95. anne cruz

    hi po. seeking for useful opinions lang po. kasi mula nung october, pabalik balik ubo ng baby ko. 15mos na po sya ngaun. kada bbgyan sya ng gamot titigil ung ubo’t sipon nya, after ng gamutan balik nnaman ubot sipon. dinala ko na nga sya sa ibang doktor kasi baka hindi sya hiyang.yung last na doktor sinabi ko na nagaalala nako kasi pabalik balik, so she advised na ipaXray. ang result,
    “ill-defined infiltrates are noted in both perihiliar area; enlarged tracheobronchial lymph nodes are seen; heart is not enlarged; hemidiaphraghm and costophrenic sulci are intact”

    ang impression: CONSIDER PRIMARY PTB

    sabi ng doktor na nagpaxray, need daw i-skin test. (ito ung huling pedia na nagcheck up saknya)
    nagtanong ako sa doctor na nagba-vaccine skanya, may recommendation sya, 1yr na gamutan-isang gamot lang. para daw dun sa mga kulani sa baga nya. kasi ung baby ko since nag1 month palaging overweight until now. though prang payat na sya tignan cgro dahil malikot na at humahaba na, hindi naman sya nawawalan ng gana kumain o dumede…

    i’m thinking of consulting her pedia for 2nd opinion. kasi ung 2nd doctor sabi nya, either ipa-skin test to prove na may primary, or umpisahan na ung gamot for 1year kahit wag na skin test…

    i don’t know… 🙁

    1. Nova

      Hi Anne,

      Medyo conflicting nga yung advices sayo nh doctors nyo. I`d say go for a more experienced pedias, yung matagal nang pedia since mas marami na silang experience. Negative kasi ang ppd namin noon, but our pedia still considered Primary Complex upon seeing the xray.

  96. DORA

    Hello poh. Meron din po anak ko primary complex… 4 yrs old na sya and 2nd diagnosis na Ito kasi nag are occur po ung sakit nya.. on going po ung medication nya.. ask ko po sana Kung nag pa immunization din po kayu while under treatment course?

  97. DORA

    Hello poh… my son hu is 4yrs old is also diagnosed with primary complex for the 2nd time.. on goIng po kmi with isoniazid and rifampicin ksi natapos na kmi with pyrazinamaide and ethambutol nya.. nag heraclene din sya once a day after breakfast and meron din syang maintenance for weight gain… super active bang anak ko and Hindi obvious na may sakit sya.. may weight gain din kahit paunti unti lang and nawala rin ang lymph node at the back of his neck… our pedia suggest for immunization for him.. ask ko po sana Kung nag undergo immunization din ung baby nyu while under treatment course din? Thank u

    1. Nova

      Hi Dora,

      I`m so sorry hindi ko maalala kung nag immunization ba kami withing the six months of medication. Pero alam naman siguro yun ng pedia kung safe or not.

  98. Anu

    I am 28 years … Diagnosed with primary complex… Is it possible for an adult to have primary complex????

  99. Jhen dela cruz

    Hi mommies! Please enlighten me po,i am a mom of twins and pina check up q po sila dhil may nakkapa aq n kulani s leeg nung isa pero s other twin wala nmn po.then pina xray po sila and based dun positve s PC and ung isa prng on d way n din s PC and they also undergo the skin test,tomorw nmn mlman ung result.ngaun po naguguluhan aq kung ipapatuloy q b ung pagpapagamot s twins q if ever n sbhin n pedia.they’re only 8months kc po sbi q s pedia kng my plema,halak,wla dw and wala din ubo,sipon.magana din nmn po mag dede and kumakain nrin sila ok po b ung plan q n i observe q muna ung twins kung mag manifest ung mga symptoms ng PC saka kmi mag gamutan kc ngaun wla ako makita n may sakit sila! Tnk u so much po! Pls explain nyo po sakin ano pwde q gawin,,tomorow n po balik nmn s doctor and malamang n resetahan n sila ng gamot :(…naguguluhan po aq!

    1. Joi

      Hi, i hope your twins are already taking their medication my daugther has no symptoms too, she is perfectly fien but when we did a medical check-up we are surprise that she was diagnosed with peimary complex

  100. may delgado

    hi baby q ndi man payat malakas kumain pero nagtka aq 3 months na pablikblik ubo bgo mg christmas grbe na ubo nya…june ncofine xia bcoz of pneumonia..and dec. 26 confine ulit bcoz of pneumonia again both lungs un lumabas sa xray nya..dec.30 lumbas na kmi hospital jan.02 pdd test xia cost nya is 1thousand..after3 dAYS LUMUBO UNG TUROK NYA positive daw po yun..binigyan kmi ng kidz kitz3 baby is 1yr 3months.. izoniazid 2ml rifampicin 3ml pyra 2ml before breakfast empty stomach and 1hour p pgkainumin ng gamot bago xia bigyan ng far ganado xia kumain…

  101. Rizza Torres

    My daughter was diagnos of a primary koch infection as shoen in her chest xray result but the ppd test shows negative result. Her pedia advice her to take this isoniazi,rifampicin and pyrazinamide for just a month…is it right ba…? For one month only then stop na

  102. sonny castillo

    i found your blog very interesting. thank you for sharing your experience. being a parent and at the same time a Respiratory Therapist i am more mortified upon learning that my youngest son has the same infection and knowing and seeing by experience the viciousness of this bacterium to it’s victims i have to look for my self the current trends in treating this disease. upon searching the google i stumble upon your blog and like i mentioned earlier i found it very informative and easy to understand for a lay man. i hope you continue this blog of yours and i hope that your child will become a healthy as a child can be. God bless.

  103. marites m sarceda

    my son has a primary complex he is now on the 4th month of medication but i did not see any improvement of his body weight. what is the right time to give the medicine and what is right to give the dosage is it empty stomach? my practice is to give him the med after his meal

    1. Joi

      Rifampicin and izonasid should be given on an empty stomach it should be 30 mins before breafast. And the other medicine is 30 mins. After breakfast

  104. mariel

    Hi! My 2 kids was diagnosed with primary complex just this week. My 3 year old daugther had skin test and my 8 month old son had xray and skin test. We started the medication 2days. Unfortunately, nahawa ata sa dating yaya. Normal lang po ba na mag kulay pinkish yung wiwi? Yung sa daugther ko kasi pinkish wiwi nya sa overnight diaper. Pero this morning yellowish na. Sabi ni pedia magkukulay daw talaga minsan sa pawis, sa luha and sa wiwi. Yellowish daw pero yung pinkish po ba normal lang din? Maybe because nung gamot na bloody red? Thank you.

  105. lorraine lendo

    kidz kit 3 is also the medicine of my 1yr old bby..accrding to her pedia,her lungs is clear but her weight did not gain yet..

  106. Hi .. I just wanna ask what kind of food should not be given in a child that asa primary complex ?? Waiting for yor reply .. Ps : thanks for the info

    1. Nova

      Hi Rhoda,

      As far as I can remember, wala namang bawal na food for kids who are being treated with their PC.

  107. Blade

    Were there any side effects of the treatment?

    1. Nova

      Hi Blade, I guess meron sa liver, kung masosobrahan. But best to consult your doctor about any side effects.

  108. how about if my son stop his medicine for primary complex what will happen?

    1. Joi


      I hope i can help, i had once stop my daugthers medication. She took it only for a month last year because we went abrod and cant find a pedia for her. So when we got back, i immediately take her to her pedia and the pedia said we should start her medication all over again and this time we should complete it. Or the disease would be much harder to cure and might need a stonger dose

  109. jean catherine jordan

    hi mommy.
    my daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old and was diagnosed with primary koch last october.yesterday we did xray as instructed by her pedia and the result was still the same.

  110. heyscent

    Hi miss Nova. My son is 8months na myroon din sya nang primary complex pero 4 yung gamut nya meron pa syang etham tablet yun .. Bkit sa into 3 lng ?

    1. Joi

      Hi, i hope i can help. We have the same question too.. the first pedia that we went to gave us 4 prescription. Including ethambutol i think. That was the pedia in makati that we went too. But when we went back to cagayan de oro and talk to my daugthers pedia she prescribe us with only 3 medicine. She said that etambutol is very dangerous to a child and should consult with an opthalmologist first because this can have bad effect on the eye. But for now we are only taking 3 medicine. I followed our original pedia

  111. jelaine

    same situation here , my I asked sang pedia mo siya dinala ? kasi ganyan din ang baby ko 2wing gabe my lagnat siya and then di sia nwwlan ng ubo cipon lging ngaantibiotic nirereseta ng doctor tpos after niya mg antibiotics ilang weeks lang bblik nnmn , nung december lng nconfine sia diagnosis nia is pnoemonia and then after 3 months same nnmn diagnosis naadmit nnmn sia , at ngyn di ko na alm san siang ddlhin pedia ei ! ,till now di pdin nwla ang ubo cipon nia my ksma pa lagnat mamaya ddlhn ko na sia sa national children hospital para mas sure .

  112. Anne

    Hi mother there. At this moment.. after i read your own story. I would like you to know that na lessen yung worries ko sa mga kwento niyo. Yung anak ko naka schedule for his first xray and i hope like what i’ve read today sana hndi pa malala.. lagi ako nag woworried sa knya.. na now ko lang napagtanto kaya pala siya nagkakasakit kasi yun na pala nagngyayari saknya. I didn’t bother na bakit mahina siya kumain kasi sabi nung unang pedia niya its normal. Only to found out kanina at the hospital the doctor said parang may primary complex siya which was first time ko na heard yun. hndi ko alam kung ano mararamdaman ko nung sinagot ni doctor yung tanong ko ano yung primary complex.

  113. Jean soriano

    Nakakahawa ba ang primary complex? Nakukuha ba ito s ibang tao? Scared for my 12 y/o son. Awaiting his CXR results. Pabalik-balik ang fever. Minor coughing.

    1. Nova

      Hi Jean, yes, nakakahawa ang primary complex at nakukuha ito sa mga adults. I hope negative ang result ng son mo.

  114. hi mis nova,
    kung saan saan na ako naghahanap ng mababasa tungkol sa primary salamat napunta ako sa blog mo..
    yung dalwang anak ko kasi ay positive primary complex..pero x-ray lang pinagawang test sa amin…siya na yung matagal na talagang doctor ng mga anak monitor niya lahat.

    kaninang umaga pumunta kami sa center para sana maka avail ng libreng gamot..kasi can’t afford po eh..kaso ang sabi naman dun kailangan daw ipa ppd ang mga anak ko..

    ang pinag tataka ko po kung talagang kailngan yun bakit hindi nirequest ng doctor ng mga anak ko.possible po kaya na yung result ng xray ay sapat na para masabing positive talaga at kailngan ng mag gamot ng mga anak ko..

    sana po mapansin mo ang comment at question ko.

    1. Nova

      Hi Kathy, actually, negative nga ang ppd namin, at nagbase ang doktor sa x-ray ng daughter ko. Anyways, siguro ask na lang kayo ng prescription ng doktor nyo na ipakita nyo sa center… hope mabigyan na kayo ng gamot…

    2. Mommy P

      Hi Mommy Kathy! Nagsearch ako sa net about din sa primary complex kasi yung daughter ko nagpositive din sa Xray. Protocol daw ng City Health Office yung PPD test para malaman kung positive talaga yung bata sa primary complex.. May mga nabasa ako na cases wherein possitive sa Xray pero negative sa PPD Test.. Siguro it will be better kung hingi ka pa ng opinion din from other doctors kung di ka sure sa diagnosis ni Pedia. ?

  115. Jed

    My son also has a primary complex and the doctor said he should take the medicine for 3 months but i didn’t follow.. and now my son is thin and im worried. So i will bring him again to the doctor and ask for the medicine again. Before he is 2yrs old when the doctor give him medicine and now He is 5 yrs old already.

    1. Joi

      You should go to tour pedia immediately. Im not scaring you but if not cured our pedia says it can lead to a more serious disease

  116. Ross Ibabao Jr

    Hi…just an additional, all of you living inside the same house must check for a skin test also. Always do your hand hygiene before and after giving the medications and the syringe for medications, yes it’s a big help but its one of the most common vehicle for infections. Once you open it and your planning to re-use it again, make sure to clean it well and label with the date of opening. I cant assure you for how long you can use that syringe for medications because it is a single use device and not recommend to re-use it again.

    1. Nova

      Thanks for the input Ross

  117. renren celevante padua

    my two years old son is diagnosed to have a primary complex. so natakot talaga kami kasi akala namin malala pero nalaman namin na common naman pala yun sa mga bata so we just have to treat it ngaun ginagamot namin sya.ang nireseta ni dok ay ung kids kit 3.we are hoping na sana madala ng 6 na buwanang gamotan ung sakit nya.thanks to your site medyo hnd na kami ngaun kabado.mas nalaman ko ang tamang pagpainum sakanya ng gamot.thanks sis!!!

    1. Nova

      You’re welcome Renren!

  118. Mommy P

    Hi Mommy Nova! My 7 year old daughter just got diagnosed with Primary Koch’s Infection. Just want to know if the free medication from health centers are the same with those we cna buy? Ano po kaya mas mabuti, yung free na binibigay sa center o kailangan pa magpareseta from her pedia?

    1. Nova

      Hi Mommy P, naku I’m sorry, I have no idea about the meds available at the centers. But I hope you’d be able to figure it out.

  119. Joi

    Hi, my 8 year old daughter has the same problem. We didn’t know that she has also an underlying disease. We just found it out when we have a medical exam because we are going abroad that time. So to make the long story short, she has the same mesication as your daughter and we’re almost fishing her 6 months medicine. We have not visited her pedia after we’ve left the philippines and that was 2 moths after she first take her medication. We plan to do it here in panama after her 6 months medication., any insights on what i should do next. Did you go back to your pedia already? How is your baby coping? Is she well already? I hope she is..

  120. Lorena

    just to ask if after taking isoniazed and rifampicin within 2-3mins he vomit, do I need to give him again the said drugs?

  121. ehm

    Goodmorning Ms. Nova!

    I am starting to give my 5yr. old son kidz kit 3. Last sunday po, ngpacheckup po kame sa pedia at ngpasked for XRAY. May mga nkita din po kc ako pagbabago sa anak ko, naging mahina po sya pagkaen pero hyper active padin sya at super pawisin nya po. So kahapon po, bumalik kame sa pedia pra ipabasa ang result ng XRAY that was the time she confirmed na meron nga ang aking anak na Primary Complex TB sa bata kung twagin. Nung nalaman ko iyon nanlalambot at nanghihina ako tlaga, kc nung sinabe ng pedia nya na nakuha nya ito sa Bahay at sa mga taong nakakasalamuha nya. I am clueless bakit at san nya nakuha ang sakit na iyon??? But today, na enlighten na ako sa mga blogs n nababasa ko. Salamt sa Diyos at curable nmn pala ang sakit na ito. Magiging maayos ang ating mga anak!!! Tyagaan lang tlaga ang pagpapainom ng gamot.

  122. cecile

    we were caught unaware of my son’s condition. He is 16 yo and is in grade 11 now. We only found out about it at the end of summer when my husband accidentally saw a big lump in my son’s neck below his left jaw. He was straining his nect to the right at that time when my husband saw it. My son sometimes out of nothing to do does some unexplainable body movements like any goofy teen do. Husband texted me immediately after examining the lump and asking some questions which was answered with not sure answers. We decide to have the lump checked by the kids pedia first. The pedia recommended us to an EENT who’s clinic is about 4 clinic doors away from hers (De LaSalle University Medical Center in Dasma. The EENT suspected the lump as that of a primary complex. He asked that the lump be biopsied so our son had that. The result as explained by the EENT suggests that it is a primary complex, but he aslo recommended a skin test at the TB DOTS of the same hospital. So we will also do that on Saturday. I am not sure why he is still not recommending an Xray which will confirm or not a PPD test. I hindted about it by telling him that the pathologist who did the biopsy asked if my son had an xray already. The EENT made dedma. He did not even make any comment as to why my son should have or not have an xray at that time. I feel sometimes that he is wasting precious time. So I am going to bring my son to another EENT on Saturday and observe how he treats his patients. (I have a regular job and I had to take a leave each time I accompany my son to his EENT. The check up day to the EENT is the only free from school time that my son have which coincides with the EENT’s schedule also.)

    1. cecile

      omg! there’s a lot of typos in my comment! sorry it’s a headache causing comment! LOL! but it’s actually a kind of “just sharing my son’s story.” have a nice day!

  123. Febrian

    Hello po un baby ko kc 3 yrs old diagnosed from primary complex bukod s kids kit 3 meron p syang antibiotic n itatake kaso ang problem ko hirap syang painumin ng gamOt kapag sinalin ko s milk nya ayaw naman nyang inumin kaya ginagawa ko sObrang pinipilit ko tlga sya kaya lang kapag nainom n nya sinusuka naman nya..paano b tamang paraan para mainom nya mga gamot nya..pls help! Thx

  124. Gigi

    Hi there. I would like to know what were the symptoms of your Baby Yesha when she was diagnosed with Primary Complex. Thank you!

  125. Kaye

    Hello po, possible pa din pala na magkaroon ng primary complex ang baby ko kahit negative sa ppd test? Thanks po

  126. Aila

    Hi,mommy may primary complex din baby ko 3weeks na ubo nya at madami nadin syang iniinom na gamot antibiotic din. Ask ko lang pwede ko ba isuggest sa pedia ko yung gamot na pinatake mo sa baby mo? Kasi magaan lang sya gawa ng ng krimary. Ask ko lang din nawala pa yung plema ng baby mo sa ganot na yan?

  127. Nanette

    Hello po..My daughter 7 yrs.old is diagnosed with I am very much worried lalo pa at malayo ako sa kanila naiwan sila sa guidamce ng parents ko. Itatanong ko sana kung hindi ba nakakahawa and I have three children and they live together need ko ba siyang e isolate muna?wala bang side effects yong mga medicine na tina take nila when they grew uo? Thank you so much po.

  128. lilibeth

    Hi there sis nova!?? my 2 children were diagnosed recently with PC.. Im just wondering if you stop giving them vitamins while on 6 months medication..thanks and God Bless your Family

  129. Mary jean baclayo

    Hi it’s been 2mo. And half since we started taking the medicine until now Pt pyrazinamide at ethambutol PA rin OK Lang na yun. Tapos Yung anak ko isa kasi kambal cla may ubo pa rin at medyo past PA rin. Thank you worried Tuloy Ako fail sumubra Yung pyrazinamide

  130. Joan Reyes

    Hi! I want to know if your daughter lymph nodes gone after the treatment? My daughter still has hers behind the ear area. I’m kinda worried. But according to pedia it will just disappear on its own. But it’s more than a year already.

  131. Sherrizah

    Hi im worried about the health of my son his name is Nash, he had chicken pox last 2 weeks. But he his fine right now. Then after a week he had fever last night we do not know why he had a fever. Please help me and give some idea why it happened in my son. he is 9 yrs old.

  132. Danica

    Mommy ano po itsura ng Positive Ppd skin test?

  133. nica

    my baby also diagnose that he have PC ..He almost one month taking his medication 3 kids firte.But what makes me worry about is he has fever, cough and cold right now.I dont know if 3 kids forte and paracetamol is enough to cure him right now.Please help me based on yourexperience

  134. Jean

    My tnong lng po aq s ank q po kz prng mali ata ang pagpa2inom q iniinom kz nia un sbay2 before xa mgbfast…tma b un prng kzng nguluhan aq s pagpainom hnd prn xa nagga2in ng weight at lalo xang nging phikN kumain

  135. Cecilia

    Hi thanks for this info. . .i’m browsing the net to find some info to help my cousin. . Her son was diagnose too. . .

  136. Sheena

    I don’t know the result yet, but my son’s pedia had given the skintest already and done with the xray, tomorrow will be the results. I am really afraid. I hope it’ll be negative, but reading the signs and symptoms makes me think the other way. I can’t help blaming other people whom I entrusted my son. I’m just praying for negative result tomorrow.

  137. rad

    Hi po! My son 3y.o. may primary complex. going 3 months na medication nya pero hindi nag gain ng weight. Any advice po pls.

  138. janna

    where did ur child acquired the ptb?

  139. Harieta v. Hernando

    Is PPD skin test 100 percent accurate to know if the child is pisiive to primary complex?

  140. Harieta v. Hernando

    Hello mam! A 1 and a half year old son of my niece was confined last October 2016 and his pedia diagnosed him to pneumonia based on the xray result…my grandson suffered from his dried cough and asthma..after a week of taking medicines my grandson was back to a normal and healthy child..suddenly first week of this month (January) he suffered again to a dried cough and asthma..and upon his pedia’s adviced my grandson needs to stay in the hospital..and the result was pneumonia again…so another 1 week again that my granson stayed in the hospital..he was adviced to comeback after 2 weeks for follow up check short my neice went to her son’s pedia and since he has still a cough..she advice my niece to have a PPD skin test and after 3 days the test is grandson is heathy and chubby (fat)..that”s why i asked if PPD SKIN TEST is 100 percent accurate to know if the patient is positive to PC? Because his xray result is pneumonia..not POSITEVE TO PD.
    His pedia adviced him to take a medicine for 6 months.

    Thank u..

  141. Eden

    Hello.. San mo po nabili ang kids kit 3 na may ganyang halaga? Sa anak ko po kc bininili ko sa south star drug, 556 pesos.. Bakit po yan ang mura? Pero karamihan po sa binili ko sa south star eh ang mahal kesa gamot sa labas sa maliliit na drug stores…

  142. My daughter was positive with PC. And im preagnant right now. Is it possible na makuha ni baby yung sakit or mahawa sya kakahalik ko sa daughter ko? I really need your reply. Thanks

  143. Possible po ba na mahawa yung baby na pinagbubuntis ko dahil positive sa PC yung isang anak ko? Reply please thanks

  144. Lhen

    Thank you for sharing. Yung baby ko pabalik balik ang ubo at sipon. After ng gamutan (salbutamol, anti histamine at may dalawa pang agmot. ghagaling sya tapos after one week babalik na nmn ung ubo nia. until last night napansin talaga nmin ung pagbagsak ng timbang nya. lumaki ung mata, humaba ung leeg at sobrang gaan na ng baby q. 10 months palang sya ngayon. will try to have him PPD today. hope gumaling din sya. thank you

    1. Nova

      You’re welcome Lhen!

      1. nina

        just wanna ask po if ok lng po magtake ng water after uminom ng isoniazid? salamat po

  145. Toni

    Hi, my daughter’s taking curazid forte for almost a month already as prevention for primary complex… But just today, i gave her the medicine twice for an interval of just 6hrs well infact it should only be taken once per day… My mistake… What should we do? Is it okay? Thanks

  146. MJ

    This illness is very common for children nowadays but there is always cure. . See your pedia as soon as possible if there is irregularities in your children’s appetite. Don’t take it for granted.

  147. Wyn19

    Hi momshies, worried din ako kami ng family ko nang may makapa kaming bukol (occipital area)right and left. Kaya pina check up namin si baby kinakabahan talaga ako kasi lumalaki yung bukol. Akala ko nang dahil sa pagkakauntog nya yun pala baka may primary complex na kasi isa pala yung kulani,akala ko tumor kasi sabi ni isang dok ay movable. Then doc suggested to have xray exam and PPD test, sobrang kaba ko,ganun pala talaga feeling pag may anak ka. After 2days pa ang resulst for PPD test and 3days sa xray. 🙁 kaya pala mga ubo syang bumabalik tapos hindi ganun agad gumagaling, tapos dati napaka iritable nya tapos may afternoon/night fever, hindi gaani nag gain ng weight pero sabi ni doc sa 1yr8mos normal ang 11kg weight nya. Kaya pala comoaring to others hindi sya magana kumaen.

  148. liza

    hello maam my anak po 8 years old ang my primary complex tb din po.ang masakit eh ang layo ko pa po kasi nsa ibang bansa ako mother inlaw ko ng aalaga.tanong ko lng po kasi yung gamot nya bakit sabi ng mothwr inlaw ko pinapainum nya sabay yung nka set na tatlo alas 8 sa umaga pagkatapos kumain.bkit sa mdalas nbasa ko puro empty stomach nku bka indi nman mg apekto yung gamotan sa ana ko.please advice po.

  149. Charlotte

    Hi! My toddler oftenly missed out before breakfast medication because he will feel hungry and asked for a bottle of milk. Can he still take Rifampicin & Isoniazid after breakfast?

  150. Alex

    Hi. Is primary complex contagious?

  151. Angel

    Hi! My baby is 10 months, he also have primary complex. I think he’s taking the same medication once a day pero nakalimutan ko po yung pangalan ng gamot niya Basta yung Strawberry and Apple flavor morning 1 hr before bfast and yung Forte 1 hr after lunch
    Do we have the same med po ba? Thanks!
    Araw araw ako nagwoworry para sa baby ko! Nakakalungkot po!

  152. Jayson

    my 3 yr old daughter coughs for almost 1 month,,, then we decided to have her a check-up.. the Doctor said that our child MIGHT have Primary Complex… we are all worried… 🙁 She coughs terribly and might have an asthma… the doctor requested us to have her a CHest PA…..

  153. Patrick

    .. I’m so worried about my son he have done 6monts on medication but wen we checked and x-ray again .the result is only the same but my son is good as far .. His weight is 13 sometimes there going back to 12kilos ..

  154. Jinky

    Hi mam. Just wanna ask why dw po kaya nag negative sa ppd skin test c baby knowing na un dapat ang no. 1 test kng may primary nga ang bata.. Sayang dn pala kng Hnd accurate ang resulta. I am at ur shoe s right now. Xray results shows pneumonitis, ppd test done yesterday babalik kme tom for the result. Nkkfrustate sa feeling… Ung tipong pabalik balik ka, iba2 gamot at antibiotic nrreseta nila tapos malalaman m sa huli iba pala ang sakit. . Hnd biro ang consultation fee at gamot…. 🙁

  155. PAULINE


  156. marion remiz

    good day po! ask ko lang po gaano po tumatagal yung 1 box ng mga gamot?

  157. Hi there! My baby was diagnosed having a Primary Complex and he undergone a 6 months medication yet still he was not treated. His Pedia recommended to take an anti-flu vaccine or anti-pnuemonia vaccine. Is this necessary for my baby to take these vaccines?

  158. Michelle

    My eldest son was diagnosed with Primary Complex when he was 2yrs old. He was hospitalized then XRay sabi Pneumonia. But the pedia wanted to have a skin test for TB. So nagpositve daw sya then matinding pahirap sa pagpapainom ng gamot. 6yrs later naapprove yung application namin to migrate here in Canada. Dahil may history ang anak ko for PC need syang matingnan agad ng dr dto. After Xray and blood test to my surprise sabi ng Dr na nagkataon na pinoy din. Never daw nagkaPrimary Complex ang anak ko! Ask nya ako if meron ba daw nakakasalamuha ang anak ko na may TB? Sabi ko wala. Anong test daw ba ang ginawa? Sabi ko skin test saka nung mahospital na xray kasi nga pneumonia. Sagot ng dr there are posibility na somehow magpositive daw for skin test pag naturukan ng BCG vaccine nung baby. Kaya bukod sa xray, may iba pang test na dapat gawin to confirm talaga yung diagnosis. Nainis ako nung marinig ko yun. Hindi dahil sa malaki yung gastos kundi yung hirap at iyak ng anak ko habang pinipilit nmin painumin ng gamot nahindi naman pala nya kelangan. I’m not saying na yung case ng anak ko ay kagaya senyo. Just sharing lang po.

  159. Melai

    Hi mommy nova. My son has pc. Pincheckup na sya and worried coz instruction ng pedia on how to take the meds is iba dun sa post po ninyo. Isoniazid am empty stomach, rifamficin and pyra after meal. Kaninang 4.30 bglang iyak si baby sabay suka yellowish po yung it normal po n maiba ung paginom? Depende po bq yun sa case ng pc or prehas lng po dapat paginom nd meds? Pls help mommy nova. For us to consult another pedia.. Thank you ao much

    1. by Mommy Nova

      Hi Melai,

      I am sorry for the late response. Hindi ko masasabi kung ano ang tama, dahil sumusunod lang ako sa pedia namin noon. Best to consult your pedia, if her opinion is not working, listen to your motherly instinct, consult another pedia.

  160. Geri

    Hi Sis Nova!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Gusto ko lang maiklaro, sa pagpapainom ba ng KidzKit eh anytime sa umaga basta walang laman ang tyan? basta every gising? kasi hindi pare pareho ang gising ng baby ko eh.. By the way he’s 1 year and 10 mos. nag positive siya sa primary complex kahapon lang at nag start na siya uminom ng meds niya kanina.. But I doubt talaga kung ppwede ba na anytime sa umaga? o kailangan bang gigisingin talaga siya?

    Tsaka ang PRIMARY COMPLEX ba sa bata eh maaaring bumalik?

    1. by Mommy Nova

      hi Geri,

      To be honest hindi ko na maalala kung ginigising ba namin yung daugher ko noon… basta importante empty stomach. Kawawa nga naman yung bata kapag iistorbohin mo yung tulog everyday for six months. Anyway, I think best to consult pa rin yung opinion ng pedia niya…

  161. CHar

    Hello po. Kailangan po ba talaga nila magpa x-ray nga mga baby po natin? To know if they have PC po? Thank you! I really need your help. First time mom po ako and I’m very worried po para sa baby ko

    1. Mommy Nova

      Hi Char, I’m not sure kung kailangan ba talaga ang x-ray, pero ito kasi ang pinagawa ng pedia namen noon. Better ask your pedia about it para mas makasiguro.

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