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Our Trips to Rainforest Park Pasig

I`m so glad that there is a nature park in the heart of Pasig that is just a tricycle away from us. Even without our daddy driving for us, Yesha and I can go there any day and any time we like. It made it easy for us to visit the park at least twice a month as part of our homeschooling lifestyle.

If you are planning to visit and would just stroll within the Rainforest, then you need not pay any entrance fee. However, if you want to experience their amenities like the swimming pool, boating lagoon, etc., then each amenity has a corresponding entrance fee which you need to pay. You can find the rates and prices of their facilities and amenities at the end of this post. To add, if you`re a Pasigueno, remember to bring your ID so you can avail the rates for Pasig residents.

To share, here are the areas that Yesha and I have visited:

Boating Lagoon
Price for Pasiguenos: 50php
Price for non-Pasiguenos: 50php


I so enjoy the peace and quietness I got from gazing at a body of water — may it be a pond, a river, or a sea. And here in the boating lagoon of the Rainforest, I experienced just that. It was like a haven for me.

During our time of boating here, there were a total of four boats available for rent, making the pond spacious enough to navigate. It was only Yesha and I who went here so the boat given to us has a pedal. Oh yes, you can choose to paddle or to pedal.


Butterfly House
Price for Pasiguenos: 20php
Price for non-Pasiguenos: 30php


The view inside the butterfly house gate is really nice, they had a waterfall inside which makes a good photo taking spot. There were not many butterflies in the house itself, but Yesha was able to chase a few of the butterflies.


Kiddie playground
Rate: Free


What I like about the playground is that it`s free. This is where Yesha and I frequent whenever we go here. There`s not much kids here during weekdays, but during holiday and weekends, the playground is teeming with kids.


Price for Pasiguenos: 20pho
Price for non-Pasiguenos: 30php


Mini as it is, I appreciated the zoo despite having visited Avilon and Singapore Zoo. It`s probably because Yesha enjoyed feeding the goats, going near a sheep, and playing chase with the ducks. Another thing is that it`s filled with trees, perfect to give me peace and quitness that I`m looking for. They had this petting area housing the goats, ducks, rabbits, and other type of animals. As a mini zoo, they have a limited animals of course, but you can see an ostrich there.


Pasiguenos & Non-Pasiguenos: 10php


I must have underestimated the maze as I overheard one visitor saying that only kids get lost here. I`m poor in direction and navigation, that`s why it took us a long time to find our way back to the entrance. But despite that, it was enjoying to let Yesha lead me and do her problem solving skills.


Pasiguenos: 20php Non-Pasiguenos: 30php


Unfortunately, when we decided to ride the train, the train was not working. We`ll surely go back here and avail the train ride next time.

Amenities Rates and Prices


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