INFJ Diary

Reconciling with Nature

Our house has no plants, except for the plastic ones I put in our living room as decorations. I did attempt to have real plants though, but they just withered and died as I couldn’t take care of it the way it deserved to be cared. My mom has relentlessly reminded me to quench the thirst of the plants, but her words would just fall on deaf ears. Ugh! How hard-hearted was I!

Now as my interest is shifting to sprituality and nature, I kind of understand myself why. I don’t appreciate nature, much less respect and revere it. And as I’m typing this, I feel terrible for my attitude towards it. I forgot that I am a part of it, that I live on it. I forgot that the trees, plants, tiny insects have lives of their own, and hava a place in this universe. I`m also realizing how Nature could be a wise, great teacher. I am presently beginning to be in awe and fall under its spell.

I feel now the desire to commune with Nature, to get to know it, to get to know God, to get to know me. I don`t really know how to do it. Because when you ask me to just sit under the tree or walk on the tree-lined street and feel my surrounding, I`m sure my mind will wander somewherelse and I wouldn`t feel my spirit connecting with nature. I need a guide. I need someone to teach me how to be one with it.

So I began reading books on nature and spirituality. On my hand is Michael Road`s Talking with Nature. I also watched Satish Kumar`s youtube on communing with nature. Aside from learning from these great men, I`ll also go to a nature walk regularly and be more mindful of other life forms near me.

I don`t know where my quest will lead me. But I hope that as I learn to be one with nature, I`d be able to get closer to my Being. And that by doing so, I`d be able to live my life more simply and in a fluid way, free from society`s dictations, free from my own programming.

Now all I`m hoping is that I`m treading the right path. So please help me God.

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