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Retreat: A Journey to Personal Growth

I attended a retreat last June 1-2 as a second requirement in joining the LOJ Counseling Center. It was a very meaningful event where I discovered more about myself and got to know the other brothers and sisters in a deeper way.

The event started off with an Enneagram Test where I discovered that I am a type 8 personality – the leader. I learned my stress and growth points, my strengths and weaknesses, my dominant and secondary wing. I will be sharing more of this on the next post, and hopefully find an Enneagram test to share with you.



This is my mood meter during the whole seminar; excited, satisfied and interested. 🙂

jpg_group pic

These are my group mates; we shared a lot of  reflections with each other about our childhood memories, self-discovery, growth plan. I learned a lot from their personal stories as each one of us came from different backgrounds. I really admire all of them for braving their lives’ struggles, I know their experiences are painful, and by God’s grace, may we all be healed and be wounded healers as well.

And finally. this is our class as we seriously did our reflection time. I was sitting at the front center, I love being at the front always.


It was a reflective and fruitful event indeed, an event filled with self-discoveries and healing. Retreats like this are truly worth our time and money. And Finally, I’m looking forward to our next seminar on advance counseling skills, looking forward to new learning, looking forward to meeting new friends.


  1. Loraine Branan

    Hi there, loved your post. I was wondering in all your learning here have you hard of Mae Chinn Songer’s approach to retraining the Chemistry of your brain into new habits so you can better pursue your journey without falling back into old habits that may have held you back? Her blog really explains it much better than I do, but it’s a really great philosophy as it makes sense. Her blog is and it’s worth a look.

  2. Good day! i am interested to be part of this retreat may i know how to join and your schedules? thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ms. Maila, I attended mine at Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center, you may contact Ms. Cathy Dayto ([email protected]) on when is their next retreat. There is also a LIPS (The Landcapes In Personality Styles) on July 8 (tomorrow) which will be provided by, but it’s only for one day. If you’re interested with growth seminars, just visit for updates. Hope it helps!

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