Review: My Princess (korean drama)

It’s been a month already and I still can’t get over My Princess. And there are several scenes that are still playing on my mind. I have watched two novelas after this Korean Drama already, Dream High and You’re Beautiful, and yet I still can’t forget My Princess.

Well maybe because I love the characters played by Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee as Park Hae Young and Lee Seol. I like Hae Young’s charming character and protective instinct towards Lee Seol, not to mention the sacrifices he made out of love for the heroine. While Lee Seol, I find her cute, funny and innocent. Both characters portrayed the ideal man and woman relationship where the man is gentle, protective and leader and the woman simply trusting and child-like yet strong.

Aside from the lead characters, the drama has a great story line too. Meanwhile, here are the pics that I got from the net… =)

I simply love love love My Princess!And how I wish they are dating in real life! =D

Happy viewing!

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