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Saya Baby Carrier Journey

Starting at four months when Yesha was able to support her back, I was able to fully maximize and enjoy using my saYa baby carrier. I use it as much as I can, in the car while travelling, at home when I have to do something, in the grocery, at the mass, and while strolling at the mall.Yesha is so settled and comfy inside the saYa baby carrier.

Now that she’s turning 7 months, I can say that this is one of the “pinakasulit” baby stuffs I bought.For me, it’s easy to wear, not “mainit” when worn (even at home) plus Yesha and I are very comfortable with it.

Yesha’s weight is distributed all over my shoulders and back, thus it doesn’t give me any pain. There were many times that Yesha even fell asleep in it, she seems peaceful in it. With the help of saYa, I really enjoy babywearing, which is part of my attachment parenting journey.



Where to buy Saya Baby Carrier?

I bought my saYa baby carrier at Babyland for 850php. There are also online shops where you can buy yours like Indigo Manila, Happy Babies, Mama.Baby.Love and Fabnaima.

If you want to buy from Babyland I suggest, before you go check out your preferred store/babyland branch, it helps to call them first to check what are the available sizes and colors they have in stock. I’ve waited for weeks before I truly owned a saYa.
I prefer saYa over my other carriers because it saves me from the fuss of using belts and their locks. And because of it, I can put Yesha inside it without anybody’s help. I highly recommend it! =)


Happy Babywearing!

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