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Six Preliminary Signs of Labor

There are six preliminary signs of labor. These are the signs that your body is preparing for labor. Six signs that you do not need to call your doctor about. These are signs that informs the mother that her body is progressing.

1. Braxton Hicks Contractions

The tightening around the belly. Practice contraction. Usually last for 30 seconds. Sometimes they’re painless, sometimes they feel like menstrual cramps.

Braxton Hicks stops when you change activity, real contraction keep going no matter what you do. If you still can talk, do other activity or smile while having contraction, that is not the real contraction yet.

2. Weight stabilization

It occurs two weeks before you go into labor.

3. Burst of Energy

The first trimester of pregnancy is exhausting. The second trimester is you got some energy to do your favorite actitvities. And on the third trimester, you’re tired again. This is because your body is saving up energy for the upcoming labor.

However two weeks before the childbirth, the mom will experience a burst of energy. It usually last for only two days and then the mother will return to her tired state again.

4. Lightning (Engagement, your baby dropping)


As your delivery date is nearing, you will notice your baby bump to drop as the baby has engaged on the pelvis.

5. Increase of vaginal discharge

6. Diarrhea


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