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Starting My Day Right

When I was in college, we had a coursework in Experimental Laboratory where the use of a weighing scale is inevitable. The scale could measure in as miniscule as .001 gram and our experiment is dependent on it. Hence, it is essential to calibrate it first before using, otherwise it will not yield an accurate measurement. To calibrate, we need to center the bubble on the little spot found at the instrument’s bottom. Doing this gives us confidence that the scale will function properly and accurately.

In my day to day life, I also see the need to calibrate myself whenever I begin the day, before fulfilling my different roles in life. Yet in the past, I let the days and daily duties drag me by which could easily wear me out. When stressed and drained, it is easy for me to become grouchy and moody. And at this emotional state, I know I’m not functioning optimally. But centering myself every morning gives me the assurance that I could function lovingly, patiently, and purposely.

So the past weeks, I established a new morning routine. From the moment I wake up I would open our balcony door as wide as it could as a sign of welcoming the new day. I would sit there for at least thirty minutes – feeling the sun bathe my body, feeling the wind caress my skin, hearing the birds serenade me, seeing the people bustle down the street. I would spend the first minutes of my day with myself reveling at my surrounding, centering myself with my Creator, and feeling grateful for the gift of life.

And then, I would walk out of the balcony door invigorated and ready to face the new day. Though most of my days went uneventful and monotonous, beginning the day  marveling at life and filling myself with gratitude makes me easily delight on simple things.

As a mom, I find myself easily awed at my daugther’s high-pitched voice, wide grin, and cute, little body as if time has stopped and my heart skipped a beat. As a wife, I would take pleasure on how my husband would want to share his favorite movies with me despite sleeping late. With me being centered, I am more loving and patient to my loved ones. I am also more productive on my daily duties. This for me is functioning optimally.

There is no right way to start your day right. It’s all up to you on what makes you feel invigorated and energized. I think what’s important is that you must feel you are loved by yourself and by God. Others would pray or read the Bible, others with the company of their coffee, still others would meditate. Really, there are so many ways.

So what about you, how do you start your day? If you have no morning habit yet, what would you like it to be?

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