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Stuck in the 1990`s songs

“I`ll be loving you ooh forever,
Deep inside my heart you`ll live me never. Even if you took my heart, and tore it apart,
I will love you still… Forever.”

If you know that song we`re probably of the same age-bracket. This was sung by Damage, a national anthem when I was in grade six.

I guess my music soul has been stuck to the 1990`s and early 2000`s. I couldn`t get myself to enjoy the new songs nowadays. I can not relate anymore to songs of One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran (Duh, maybe because I`m old and outdated already, that`s why). But play the songs of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Eminem, my blood would immediately pump up. Oh I could still rap and do rock songs of Linkin` Park. I could still sing my heart out to the songs of Westlife. But ultimately, I am a hard core Backstreet girl, haha! Too bad, I wasn`t able to watch their concert last year. But they would still remain in my heart, forver and ever.

So yesterday, I played all the hit songs of the 1990`s and early 2000`s. And my, I had a great day. I have forgotten the power of music to give me an upbeat mood. I will keep on doing it again and again. The songs get me hyped up.

“I`ll lose myself to the music the moment I own it, I better never let it go. I`ll only have one shot, do not, miss this chance to blow, cos opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You better!”

So yeah I missed hearing the songs from these singers:

N Sync
Tina Arena
Avril Lavigne
S Club 7
98 Degrees
Christina Aguilera
Natalie Imbruglia
50 Cents
Savage Garden
Nelly Furtado
Jennifer Lopez
Six Pence None The Richer

And the list goes on….

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