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Homeschooling with Peniel: Frequently Asked Questions

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy is an educational institution located at Cainta, Rizal. Aside from its regular physical school, it also offers Home Education Program for families who wish to homeschool their children. As of late, I’ve been reading and answering some questions about homeschooling with Peniel. So in this post, I’ll be compiling those questions and will try to answer …

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Affordable Homeschool Providers in the Philippines

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy Homeschooling Program Last academic year, we decided to finally transfer Yesha to Peniel. We paid around 18,500 Php, which is lower than our previous homeschool provider. Little did I know, that every year the school administration offers early bird promo to continuing student. So last October, I received an email informing the parents of the promos …

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Homeschooling and the pursuit of passion and creativity

Every homeschooling family has their reasons for home educating their children. And for us, one of our primary reasons is that homeschooling provide our child the freedom to express and pursue her passion and creativity. I want this to be our gift to her. I believe that knowing her passion and where her creative energy lies will enable her to …

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Homeschool Providers in Philippines

When parents finally decide to homeschool their children, the next thing that they would decide is whether to go independent or go with a Department of Education (Dep-Ed) accredited homeschool provider. And if they go with the latter, the question they ask themselves would be what provider will they choose then? Parents have different considerations in choosing a provider for …

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