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Teaching Addition While Waiting In The Store

It’s been a whole day errand with a hyper active four-year-old in tow. If you have a child at this age range – without a  yaya – I’m sure you know how it feels. Argh! It was exhausting, she kept on running to any direction where her little feet lead her. So either I or our Daddy would chase her around or would try to keep her still  in our best efforts.

So on the third part of our itinerary yesterday, we were waiting for our Daddy to complete his order in a fabric store. I took that opportunity to sit, rest, and relax even for just a little bit. Haaaays…

And then Yesha suddenly called me, “Mommy, you buy from me.” That means she wants to play bili-bilihan, where I am the buyer and she the store owner.

“Okay. Pagbilan.” I complied in my most playful tone I could summon.

“Ano yun?”

“Can I buy one mango and one banana?”

“Oh yes.” Then off she scurried to the other end of the store getting the imaginary fruits. “Here,” she said as she handed me my orders.


“How much do I pay you? The mango is two pesos and the banana is three pesos?”

Raising her right hand she counted till two, and continued by raising the left hand with three fingers sticking out. “Five pesos.”

“Okay, here’s the five pesos,” retrieving an imaginary five peso bill from my bag.

We continued playing bili-bilihan with a twist of addition until our Daddy finished his errand in the store.

Whew! I’m happy we had a quick math lesson, and happier I was able to rest for a short while. Haha!

Now on our next itinerary… we were just waiting for someone. It’s another rest for us! Yay! Without anything to do, I just snapped our photos inside the car.




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