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The Amazing Shoe Rack!

For the past months, just a glimpse of our old shoe racks was enough to give me a head ache. Simply because there aren’t enough spaceshoe-rack for the increasing number of shoes. And most of it are hubby’s as he can be a shoe hoarder.

Where he got 15 pairs, I only only have 7. The lady in this home was beaten by a gentleman in terms of who has more shoes! And telling him that less is more will have no use at all. I keep on telling him to donate the shoes that he rarely use and stop buying anymore. But what can I do, it also keeps falling on deaf ears.

And so as a resolve, he bought two amazing shoe racks from And I’m glad that he took the initiative to replace our old shoe racks.

The amazing shoe rack is true to its name. It’s sturdy and sleek, it’s almost 5 feet tall which fascinated hubby and most of all it’s cheap for it’s price of 180 php. What a steal. He almost bought a similar shoe rack from metro deal at a doubled price. Glad he discovered the same item from sulit.

Now our shoe area can normally breathe again and it is more organized than ever before.


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