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There’s a Nest on my Mom’s Garden

Hi there!


This is my mom’s garden, located on their rooftop. It’s not much, but it’s her lovely haven. I don’t usually go up here because I couldn’t make myself go up the stairs. It’s on the fourth floor.

But today I did. Amazingly because there is a nest on her small mango tree. Kaaliw. I couldn’t recall a time where I’ve seen a real nest.




Yet this nest doesn’t look like what you imagine, the one we commonly see on photos: circular and made of brown twigs . This nest is made of fiber fills, the cottony thing we put inside the pillows.

We’re speculating that the mommy bird got it from a nearby pillow factory. That’s the most possible idea we could get on how the mom bird made her nest.

Sayang nga, I wasn’t able to see the little chicks. They’ve flown away. I should have gotten here days before.

Nevertheless, I really find it awesome.


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