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This is how we organize our shoes

I did many attempts to organize our shoes. First, I bought a tall shoe rack called the amazing shoe rack. But few weeks of using it, I found out that it wasn’t amazing at all. With the price I got it, what do I expect, I got what I paid for. So I ended up discarding it.

Second thing I did was bought two shoe shelves  – one shelf for Yesha and my shoes, and the other for Ebet. Since the two shelves will occupy more space, I had to put our shelf beside our doorstep and Ebet’s just on top of our stairs. For a short time it worked, but Ebet could not religiously put his shoes upstairs, hence, the shoes continue to litter our door step. It has been like that for several months until I visited sis Vic’s house, my sis at the Feast and also a homeschooling mom.

Sis Vic lives in a condo with her family. And as we all know of most condo units, the rooms don`t offer much space, so she has to be efficient in organizing their stuff. Upon seeing their shoe shelf, I knew right there and then that I`m going to do the same with our shelf.

When I arrived home, I went down to business right away, I reorganized our shoes. And this is how it looks like and has been looking like for the past several weeks. I`m glad I learned about ate Vic`s style. Now our shelf and doorstep are tidy and clear.



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