Tony Moly Magic Lip Balm Review in Apple and Grapes

I was addicted with lipsticks before, when I was in high school I remember my friend who got mesmerized when she saw more than 10 lipsticks of varying colors inside my bag! LOL! I don’t know if she can still remember it, hopefully she doesn’t.

After college, my addiction was somehow tamed. So my more than 1o lippies in my bag was cut down to 3-5 only.

But now, I’m proud to say that I have completely recovered! Not that my hubby’s complaining, “what are all those lipsticks for? I don’t even notice what type and color of lipstick you wear.” LOL! So thanks to Tony Moly Magic Lip Balm!

Actually, “favorite” is not the right term but HG. For those who aren’t familiar with Make up terms like me, HG means “Holy Grail” which basically means that the product being  discussed is someone’s absolute favorite, something they swear by, and a perfect find.

And yes, after several years of collecting and searching for the perfect lipstick, I finally found the one! I have found in it everything I’m looking for. Now here are the reasons why I love Tony Moly Magic Lip Balm.

1. I love the red shade it has on me. It’s close to looking natural.

2. It lasts long. I can survive the whole day with only one retouch which sometimes I do not even bother to do anymore. It doesn’t fade easily even after you ate.

3. It doesn’t chap my lips. With my previous lippies, putting a lip moisturizer is a must. But with Tony Moly Magic Lip Balm, I can wear it without anything on my lips since it’s a balm already and a tinted one. I just naturally moisten it, you know with saliva, LOL! and as I’ve mentioned above, it doesn’t wear off easily.

4. It’s cheap. It only cost Php 198. Really affordable!

5. It’s easily available. Well, sometimes it’s not because it’s out of stock at times. With my first purchase, I have to leave my name and celfone number to the sales lady to contact me once they have new arrival.

So there you go, I just hope they won’t phase this product out. If they would, I don’t know what to replace it with. Maybe I would go back to my old lippie which was the Body Shop lip and cheek tint. And this lip balm, is for me way better than the Body Shop’s.


  1. Maila Treena

    Is this available at Watsons?

    1. Hi Ms. Maila,

      Nope it’s not available at Watsons, as far as I know you could only buy their products at their own stores.

  2. Hi sis! I’ve never tried that yet but from your review, I think it’s worth every cent. I’ve been wanting to try a cheaper lip balm than burt’s bees for some time now, but; haven’t found anything yet that can quite compare.Thanks for the tip! I also can’t wait to read your other posts on child rearing. Keep posting! 🙂

    1. Hi sis Kaye! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Hope you’d love the lip balms from tonly moly, those are my HG lipbalms/lipsticks since I discovered it. 🙂

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