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Our Cambodia Trip


DAY 1:  Siem Reap – Angkor Wat         


  • South Gate of Angkor Thom – Bayon
  • Taprohm Temple
  • Elephant Terrance and Terrance of the Leper King

After Lunch:

  • Chao Say Devoda
  • Thommamon
  • Banteay Kdey
  • Srah Srong
  • Angkor Wat

Expect a walkathon, so bring lots of water, and be sure to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.


DAY 02:  Siem Reap                                                                                               


  •  Tonie Sap Lake – the world second large lake, take boat ride along the river and can see the floating village life.

While we were traveling to the lake, I was daydreaming that I’d be sailing on a crystal clear water, and my toddler and I would be excitedly watching fishes on the way. To my surprise, the water is light brown in color because of the soil that mixed with the lake water.  So, I just chose to take in and enjoy what the nature could offer me — the trees lining up the lake, and the peaceful ambiance effect it has on me.

  • After that proceed to Souvenir Shop.

The souvenir shop is a wooden house floating on the lake. This is where we stopped after the boat ride. There were catfishes and small crocs. We went up at the rooftop, and enjoyed the swing!

After lunch

  • Had a short stop at Wat Thmey (Killing Field), contains a unique glass-walled stupa containing the bones of victims of the khmer Rouge.

I couldn’t take listening to the story behind this killing field. Cruel, that’s what I can say about it.

  • Then, stop at War Memorial Monument, it is dedicated to people who sacrificed their lives in the civil war.

Now this one is a lot better, it’s about bravery

  • Visited Angkor National Museum

 I wish we should have visited the Angkor National Museum first in our itinerary, so I’d appreciated more the temples — the meaning of their designs, the characteristics of the Hindu Gods, and their history as well. Although I could have read about it on my own, the visit to museum was really helpful, informative, and interactive;  hubby and I really appreciated it. This is a tour package by the way, our  museum tour was just hubby’s idea. You can check the museum site here.

Taking photos are not allowed inside, so I just grabbed these photos from their site.


  • Proceeded to visit Cultural Village Dinner at local restaurant. Then Proceed to Night Market for shopping (1hours). Transfer back to hotel.


DAY 03:                                                    


  • Visited LES ARTISAN D’ANGKOR, a handicraft center for  shopping.

I could only describe the artists who work here in just one word: AMAZING. The painters, the stone carvers, the wood sculptors, they are simply amazing.

  • Cambodia Cultural Village

 I so enjoyed our visit at Cambodia Cultural Village, it is a theme park and museum in Siem Reap. Love the exhibits, love the cultural shows, and I love the scenery as well.

Travel Itinerary in Cambodia


  • Market
  • Airport, back to Manila




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