Trick or Treat at Fun Ranch

This was our second time to join a Halloween Trick or Treat Party. When Yesha was 3 or 4 years old, our first one was a big disappointment. First, the venue was overcrowded, I couldn’t even remember anything that happened at the time.

Second, they had ran out of loot bags. And because I didn’t want Yesha to leave empty handed, I jostled and squeezed through other parents for just one balloon, which I guess just cost a few peso. Also, the loot bag given to us was just filled with the company’s brochures and flyers. Ugh! I never wanted that kind of event again. It was supposed to be fun, but it turned out the opposite.

I’m glad that our second ToT event at Fun ranch was different. It was filled with people at first. But as the program progressed, the crowd thinned out. Many of the guests went to the canteen to avail their snacks. And the canteen was just on the other function room.

Yesha and her best cuz, Lia, were able to sit comfortably at the front. It allowed them to watch and enjoy the show. That was enough for me.

The program began with the parade of kids wearing their costumes. Then followed by games, which were the usual games you have at a children’s party. After that, there was an acrobatic performance that lasted for several minutes. I personally enjoyed the show. And I guess the two girls seated beside me too.

When the event finished, we too headed to the canteen to have our snacks. Then we went to the indoor play area. Their 550php worth of tickets included an unlimited playtime.

When we were about to go home, Yesha told me and her dad that she had fun. And because of that, I knew that the mission was accomplished.

Overall, it was a great day for us.

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