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Universal Studios Singapore Rides Experience Part 1

 For six and half hours we were able to stroll all the seven theme parks of USS but we’re not able to experienced all the rides and watched all the shows.  But I made sure that we watch and ride all the high rating shows and rides that I have researched.

Right after the entrance, you can get a copy of Universal Studios Singapore Map and their daily schedule for the street shows.


Theme Park #1: Hollywood

During our stroll along the Hollywood Street we were immediately greeted by a performance of  “Daddy O.” But  I wasn’t able to pay much attention to them since I was busy organizing the schedule of our itinerary that day. So only mom and Yesha stopped by to watch them.

Character Meet and Greet

During our visit, the schedule of the character meet and greet was from 1pm to 6:30 pm. But we weren’t able to have our photos taken with Shrek and Transformer since we were at the far end of Universal Studios. So these are the only ones that we have. Actually I don’t even know who these characters were. 



Theme Park #2: New York


In New York street, we only watched Steven Spielberg’s famous Lights, Camera, Action! 




Theme Park #3: Sci-Fi City


Photo by Resorts World Sentosa


At the Sci-Fi City we excitedly entered the transformer ride. During my research for our itinerary, this is one of the highest rated rides. We fell in line for about 15 minutes and just took pictures inside.

It wasn’t scary, rather it was thrilling and fun. I actually rode it twice, the first was with hubby and the second was with my mom. The ride revolved around the battle between the autobots and decepticons.


After the transformers ride, we headed directly to Battlestar Galactica Human. It’s the usual roller coaster ride that gets you screaming at the top of your lungs. 

But after the ride, I got a little dizzy and my knees were trembling. Hubby kept on convincing me to ride the blue one as he wasn’t that satisfied with the red track. But I didn’t bother anymore and let him went ahead instead.

 battlestar-galactica-universal-studios singapore



There’s nothing much special about the accelerator. It will just spin you around with a speed that is kinda fast but is still tolerable that you won’t get dizzy.

Initially, riding it was not in our plan as I don’t hear much of it from the reviews that I read. But my mom wanted to ride it so we gave it a try. Kids that are older than two can ride the accelerator. I was hoping to bring Yesha but we just left her with her daddy.




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