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Wanted: My Mentor

I dream to be a marriage therapist and counselor someday. I realized this dream when I was giving online advices here and there about marital issues. This is when I discovered my inclination to minister to troubled marriages.

That’s why last 2013, with my husband’s support, I decided to take a masteral and have my formal training in counseling. What I really wanted to take is MA in Marriage and Family Therapy; unfortunately it’s not being offered here in the Philipines.

The closest degree that I could get is MA in Counseling Psychology. So I applied in the Psychology Department of Ateneo and I passed – thankfully. Now I’m half way through my program. I still have a formidable 1.5 – 2 years left. Heaven help me.

Now as I am reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene, he was advocating to look for a mentor when you want to be a master of your craft. According to him when you want to fast track your growth, having a mentor is invaluable to your professional development.

Since I have attended a group therapy class with Father Nilo Tanalega, the founder of UGAT Foundation and co-founder of Center for Family Ministries, I knew in my heart and mind that I hope he’d be my mentor.

Last semester, whenever we meet for our Wednesday session, I will always look forward to how Father Nilo will process our unique problems and struggles. And week after week of our processing nights, I was always blown away.

Ugh! If could just regularly see him in practice so I will be influenced on how he think and how he navigate through difficult life problems. How I wish he could be my mentor and I could be his personal assistant. But right now, it’s not possible because I’m my daughter’s personal assistant.

But I know this is just a wishful thinking. Father Nilo is a very dynamic minister. He frequently visit abroad and other far cities here to do his pastoral work.

It’s impossible for me to chase him around and as if he is willing to take me under his mentorship. I’m just lucky that I am a part of one of his teams in UGAT foundation. That’s the closest I could get.

So now I have to depend on my own. What I do with my apprenticeship is expose myself to different marital problems through public forums. Public forums are rich sources of true to life stories – genuine, transparent, and uncensored.

Another is my other blog -The Family Woman, a site for my personal ministry – where I receive emails from troubled married individuals and get to chat and correspond with them.

Although it’s still different to really watch a master therapist in action, my present technique is enough to widen my construct of different marital issues. But I still do hope, that someday, in God’s time, I will have a mentor to teach me and to guide me.

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