Wasting Time with my Parents

Every month Yesha and I would visit my parents’ house for a week-long staycation. We’re actually on our 6th day here; tomorrow hubby will pick us up.

I was glad and light-hearted because yesterday I spent almost the whole day just chatting with my parents at their cozy living room. What a life!

We’re not pressured by anything, we just sat there and talked and laughed, filling in on each other with stories, not caring about the time, just simply wasting time bonding.

Well, it’s not wasting time per se. But we spent quality time in each other’s company. And oh how I love it. Sarap sana kung ganito lang ang buhay ano, walang iniintindi.

By the way my father is retired already, my mom is keeping a small store, and they’re living off from their rental apartments, and yours truly is a stay at home mom. So we had that privilege to chat the day away.

One more good thing that happened was that I was able to explain the reason we wanted to homeschool Yesha and  the benefits that she will reap from it. I’m so grateful that they saw the value of homeschooling and that their initial misgivings were cleared. It was like a burden was lifted from my back. Because just this week, they told me on my face that they dislike the idea of homeschooling. Ugh!

But now they are supportive of our decision. Even though the other relatives will be against it, especially hubby’s parents, I know our homeschooling journey will be a lot easier with my parents’ acceptance and appreciation of it.

So yeah, apart from the chitchat, something good has also came about from our convo.

It really feels good – bonding with my parents. And I’m thankful that they’re just an hour away and I could visit them whenever I miss them.


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