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Weekdate with Hubby: Amici, Megamall

Last night hubby and I went to Vibram, Megamall to check out our shoe sizes. We didn’t really intend to buy a pair of vibram, we just tried their displays  so we can order online. Tsk tsk tsk… bad couple.

So after that we went straight to Amici. It was my second time to eat there. The first one was at Timog, which was also the first time I met hubby’s family.

And so for our yesterday’s date, here are what we ordered from their menu:

Lasagne Al Rahu foe 298php



Chocolate Crumble at 190php


Linguine Pepperoncino at 198php



Sausage and Three Cheese for 390php



Well, for the first minutes of our date we just ate and enjoyed our food quietly, as if we’re both busy satisfying our hunger. And then halfway to our mealtime our chat began. He talked a lot about stock market as I listened to him without fully understanding what he’s talking about. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm is enough for me to enjoy our conversation.

Then we talked about what most parents’ favorite subject, kid/s, and for us, our little Yesha. She will never be missed out in every date that hubby and I have. And then of course there’s my blogging and other stuff that can be nonsensical. We actually conversed to our ride home.

A date with hubby is always a fun night. A great time for us to have our undivided attention for each other. =)




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