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What’s your Core Gift?

Early this morning it’s like someone or something whispered to me, “Go back to Toastmasters, become a Distinguished Toastmaster.” Could it be the Holy Spirit reminding me to cultivate my gift?

My earliest memory of standing in front of an audience was during my kindergarten graduation when I was tasked to deliver a poem. And since then on, through the years, I have been exposed to reading, hosting, leading a bible study in front of several people. And because of all those experiences, I was able to muster eye contact, voice projection, good pronunciation and good composure in front of the mob.

Whenever I’m asked to talk/share something in front of an audience. It never fails that someone or more than two people will complement my speech/sharing. Now this has led me to conclude, that maybe, speaking is my core gift.

My latest speaking/sharing experience was last two Sundays ago, when Bro. Obet Cabrillas, the builder of Pasig Feast, asked me to give a short sharing during one of the feasts. It really made me excited, nervous and thrilled to speak again. Oh, but I love it whenever I share, talk or read in front of the congregation. But most of all, I love it when I know that they have learned something from me, even if it is just one person.

You know what was my self-declared mission when I was in college? It was to make an impact on people’s lives. That was also my dream in which I have no idea how to realise. But that’s not my problem anymore, I will just let God’s universe conspire to make my dream come true. Where, when or how? I’m just gonna let God do it. I will just choose to follow the law of attraction.

About Toastmasters and on being a Distinguished Toastmaster, I don’t know yet. I hope to hear God’s voice that will tell me, “Go back to Toastmasters, become a Distinguished Toastmaster… because I have a plan for you.” After then, I will surely go. Cause I don’t know if I just made up that voice inside me the first time I sensed it.

And before I end this blog, I just want to remind myself what I read from one of Paulo Coelho’s books, “Passion sends us signals that guide us through our lives.” They say passion and core gift goes hand in hand. Well, I know what my passion is and maybe my core gift is, the question is, am I bold enough to take my first step on it?


  1. Are you a member of Toastmasters sis Nova? DO you know RuthRina Tiangco at the Presidents Toastmasters Club? She has been inviting me when I joined a group in Facebook but currently I am outside of the Philippines. I know Toastmaster is a way of enhancing your public speaking skills by speaking in an audience, but how does it really work? Really have no idea? Like is it a normal way of speaking and the topic is anything under the sun? Just wondering 🙂


  2. hi bro louis! I was a member of Toastmasters before, but ever since I got married, I wasn’t able to attend already.

    I’m not acquainted with Ms. Tiangco, I was a member of Manila Bay Toastmasters Club.

    Toastmasters is an international organization, so maybe there’s a club near your place. Yes, it’s great place to improve your public speaking skills.

    There’s a regular meeting, either weekly or every other week. In a meeting there are a lot of activities like prepared speeches, evaluation, impromptu speeches, etc. Every attendee is given a chance to speak.

    I think it would be best bro if you visit their site because there are different aspects of TM.

    Hope it helps! =)

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