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What’s your Pesonality?

Yesterday’s talk at the Feast marked the end of the series called “Pesonality,” which is basically about the Christian way of handling earthly wealth. The series is comprised of the  following topics:
Talk 1: Give your 100% 
Talk 2: Magnify your 10%
Talk 3: Multiply your 20% and 
Talk 4: Manage your 70%. 

On the first talk we were challenged to give our 100% in all aspects of our lives.We were made to contemplate on how we can work on our character to grow our relationships and financial life. ‘Cos no matter how competent we can be, if we are poor in character, our success will just be fleeting and temporary. As the famous quote said, “your attitude defines your altitude.”

In the second talk, after hearing and applying it, I’ve seen this passage in Malachi worked in us when God said “ Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

This February we gave the exact 10% of our earnings and guess what? Our two existing customers have placed additional orders amounting to more than twice of our tithe. God’s really amazing! Indeed, we can never outdo God’s generosity. When it comes to giving, we can never beat Him on it. We haven’t been consistent with our 10% offering to God, yet it didn’t stop God to continue to bless us. But God is at work, I know He’s molding us to become more and more generous so we could bless others more.

Tithing is not an obligation. For me giving and tithing is one way of saying that,”Lord I trust that You will provide for my every need.”

In talk 3, we were taught to invest and multiply our 20%. We haven’t done any investment yet except for the industrial machine that we loaned for our business. Yet even before our marriage, Melbert has been contemplating on investing in stock market. And this February he just opened an account at Citiseconline and has started trading. This talk together with our Caring Group discussion have reinforced us to take a leap in the world of stock trading. And we hope that this will be another pipeline where God could send us more financial blessings.

Talk 4 is about how we manage the rest of our income, how to live simply and how to desire more while being contented. A lot of Filipinos were not taught on how to handle money properly. We spend money as if there’s no more tomorrow. We enjoy money in the present without thinking of the future. Simply put, we’re more like being a one day millionaire. It’s just lucky for me and Melbert that we learned delayed gratification while growing up. But of course from time to time we also get to enjoy our money and splurge a little.

Our attitude towards money do reflect our character and the kind of God’s stewards that we are. If we can’t be faithful on earthly wealth, how then can we be entrusted of the true wealth?

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