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Why You’re Not Doing Your Life Passion

People who are living out of their life passion are truly blessed. Imagine an accountant who finds balancing numbers as her playtime. I can’t imagine that. What about a salesperson who has love and knack for selling? Remove the monthly quota and put the pressure off, most likely she will just play around selling. And, let’s not forget the homemakers and the mothers who are fulfilled in running the home and caring for the family members. They may not be earning from it, but they’re living the time of their life. How lucky must these people be.

Unfortunately, few people are living or doing their life’s passion. But why? There are a few reasons I can think of why we are not doing our heart’s desire.

1. Our loved ones don’t approve of our chosen career.

One of the reasons why we’re not doing our life passion is because our loved ones don’t approve what we love doing. Take for example my college classmate, Joy. Joy graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, but her current profession is a college teacher. There’s nothing wrong in being a teacher of course, it’s one of the noblest professions in the world — shaping the minds and future of our young people. But she was confused whether to pursue a career in the engineering field or to continue her vocation in the academe.  Joy actually shared to me that she enjoys her teaching job so much despite the pressure and the amount of hours  she put into her work.

So what’s the problem? Her problem is that, her mother, the person who loves her the most and who Joy loves the most, is not happy with her being a teacher. Joy’s mother is coming from a place of concern. She wants Joy to practice her degree and wants her to earn bigger than a teacher’s salary. We can’t blame her mother, right? But I guess, the key here is communication. If her mother knows that Joy finds happiness and fulfillment in this job, then she will most likely drop the issue and continue supporting Joy.

My take in Joy’s predicament is for her to go for her passion. She knows what makes her happy. And I hope that her family’s disapproval will not sway her from pursuing what she is meant to do — to mold young generations.

2. Our present finances or situation won’t allow for our passion.

The scenario that first came into my mind here are the family breadwinners — the breadwinner wives, the eldest children, and even the padre de familias. They could not just drop the job that pays their bills because there are people depending on them. I salute their selflessness and the sacrifices they give to their families. They may not be doing what they wish to be doing right now, but I know that good karma is just around the corner. The Lord will surely bless them in ways He deems best.

This is not just the concern of only breadwinners, it’s also a concern of every individual who does not see any opportunity around. But I guess, the challenge here is to create your own opportunity.

One of the things I love to do is to counsel individuals. But as a full-time mom, I couldn’t commit to go to our counseling center weekly due its distance. I love the online support they are giving as much as the face-to-face counseling. But my situation does not allow for it, so I created my own opportunity. I do counseling on my Facebook messenger through my blog. I can do what I want to do in the comfort of our home while I take care of my daughter. I know it won’t be that easy for everyone, but c’mon, you can probably think of other ways to exercise your passion given your own situation.

3. A certain profession runs in the family.

You’re a family of doctors, but you want to be a lawyer. You’re a family of teachers, but you want to be a musician. You’re a family of engineers, but you want to be an artist. I can go on and on. But just a question: What’s going to happen if you choose you own desire over your family’s? Are they gonna shun you out? Disown you? Disapprove of you? For sure, that can be painful. But is it more painful than wondering all your life as to what your life could be had you followed your life’s passion?

4. We don’t know what we’re passionate about.

Now this one is another challenge. How can do you what you want to do if you don’t know what you want to do? Got it? This can be difficult. I actually had a hard time knowing what I wanted to do — besides rearing a family. But what I did was to look over the past, connect the dots, and see the resulting image. In the words of one priest advising young men who are discerning whether they are for religious vocation, he said: “Don’t look for future signs, instead, look for the past signs.”

How I finally decided to pursue marriage counseling? I looked at the past and saw my parents, with an annulment paper in hand, contemplating separation. I looked at the past, and saw problematic women sending me personal messages in an online forum. I looked at the past, and saw wives sending me emails through my blog about their marriage problems. I looked in the present, why not? I can do it, I even love doing it without a pay. I looked in the future, and I know I will do this for the rest of my life.


So many reasons, so many reasons why we don’t do our life passion. But I can only have one thing to say: Just pursue your life’s passion. You may not even get a pay from it — like me– but you’ll surely get fulfillment out of it. It’s just about expressing your real self.

God has given you your inner inclinations, your potentials, and life experiences that make you want to pursue your passion. So what can I say? Don’t waste it. As the old saying goes, “what you are is God’s gift to you, and what you will be is your gift to God.” So go, go, go! Act now!


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