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Yesha’s Nativity Scene

Before December even arrived, I’ve been thinking of a Christmas tradition or simple decoration that Yesha and I could do annually. At the same time, this tradition should instill in my daughter the real reason of Christmas – the birth of baby Jesus.

Thankfully, while I was listening to Sis Ditas Espanol, sharing about her yearly nativity at home, it’s as if a light bulb started to blink above my head, alarming me that this is the answer I’m looking for. I was instantly compelled and inspired to emulate her yearly habit.

But then, I got a dilemma. Where will I buy the materials I’m gonna use for our DIY nativity? And if I knew, do we have time before christmas to swing by that location?

So I thought long and hard. I was intially thinking of a Nativity made of paper dolls, or  a Nativity scene made of clay. Both are creative, right? But the light bulb went on blinking again. Why not make a Nativity out of Yesha’s toys? She has Lego blocks, farm animals, mini toy people, and a baby! Perfect!

I dashed downstairs and grab Yesha’s baskets filled with toys. I dumped all of its occupants and rummage for the materials that we could use for her Nativity. And finally, this is our final product!


When I couldn’t find a star, it was Yesha who helpfully found it.


What’s unique about Yesha’s Belen, is that Princess Ana and Olaf paid their visits.


I placed Yesha’s little Belen on our altar beside our bedroom.


Yesha putting the toy animals.

The Lalaloopsy girls paid their visits too…


The little girl could tinker with the Nativity characters whenever she wants. I’m so glad I was led to this idea. It’s simple, playful, and a perfect way to instill the true essence of Christmas in a child’s heart.

Merry Christmas!

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