Yesha’s Screen Time Rules

I don’t exactly remember when we began implementing our screen time rules with Yesha. But I guess a few years ago.

Screen time for her means watching videos and playing video games.

She can still use her tablet anytime for drawing using the stylus that came with the gadget. Mind you, she can draw and write stories for hours in a day, which is fine with us. I believe following one’s creative instinct is healthy and can be productive.

Anyway, our rule is simple. She can only watch for two hours everyday at 6pm. And she can play video games such as Roblox and Minecraft during weekends at the same time as her watching time.

I don’t intend to completely remove her watching time. Naaawa ako. I have that privilege while growing up, and so it’s just fair that she has that too.

I think it’s also important that she learns to moderate some self-gratifications, such as watching and playing video games. Of course, while she is young, monitoring her regarding these activities is also a must, until she introjects and internalizes this habit of self-control.

When she grows up to be an adult, she will inevitably do things that are considered as indulgences and self-gratifications. By that time, I hope she has learned to put limitations, practise self-control, and apply moderation.

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