INFJ Diary

Zero Social Life

I miss those times when hubby and I were active in ministries in our prayer community. We were serving at the Lecom, heading young couples group, and bonding with other brothers and sisters through caring group meetings.

I so enjoyed the company and loved the meaningful and funny conversations with a small group of people. We had an active social life even when I was pregnant and even when Yesha was still a baby. But then everything abruptly changed when the little girl learned how to walk. Ugh!

We couldn’t focus anymore on having conversations because either hubby and I were busy chasing or assisting Yesha around. We had, until now, no yaya. So that was the end of our ultimate bonding with community friends.

Now our socializations with them are confined to greetings and small talks. Beso-beso, kumustahan konti, and then the end. I was dissatisfied at first because having conversations is one of the things I enjoy in life. It invigorates me!

But now it all ended. Just typing about it now made me feel sad. Thinking of having another baby makes me sadder 🙁 Plus eto pa, most of the time our business requires OT during Sunday, so we couldn’t attend the prayer meeting din… another ugh!

I don’t know how to balance it. Is there a way? My parents-in-law are busy people in their own right, and their schedule are unpredicatable. Get a nanny? I don’t think that’s even an option.

So I guess, I just got to live with it for now. I enjoy my activities at home naman: bonding with hubby and Yesha, doing marriage counseling online, reading books, blogging, and in June, homeschooling Yesha.

My couple friends are planning to meet once a month, all of us have babies. I hope we could be consistent with it. And then I wish I could also meet with my college friends. It’s the scheduling with my in laws that seems challenging.

I really feel my heart yearning for this.I really hope it would work out.

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