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If you’re looking for a jungle-like experience for your friends and family then you might want to try an adventure at Zoobic Safari. The area is secluded and the atmosphere resembles that of a forest.
You can hear a lion roar from the other side and some animals like ostriches and wild pigs are free to move around the area called Savannah. Of course one should be inside the train unless he wants to be chased by wild large ostriches.

Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee for weekdays is 499php, and the packages included are walk tour, train tour, caged jeepney tour, caves tour  and the croco loco.

Animal Food Prices


I love it that we had a close encounter with wildlife creatures and that we can actually feed them. Unlike with any typical zoo where feeding animals are strictly prohibited, here at Zoobic Safari we were able to feed camels (for free), tiger (200php), birds (10php) and crocodile (50php), yeah most came with a fee.
Anyways here are our pictures of our zoobic adventure.

Walk Tour


Train Tour 


Aeta Dance Presentation
Our three Aeta brothers performed three impressive Aeta dances namely; dragonfly dance, monkey dance and warrior dance.
Jeepney cage tour
Here we paid 200php for the tiger’s chicken food and kuya-the-guide fed the tiger which was one to two feet away from me. It was a mixture of awe and fright gazing at the tiger’s wide mouth and deadly fang while eating its food. After kuya fed the tiger, it leaped above our caged jeepney which made this adventure more exciting.

Tigers in Cave Tour

Zoobic Safari has a total of 35 tigers, that’s what ate-the-guide said. They only have 9 tigers initially and were able to breed them to their present number. If I’m not mistaken these tigers are their main attraction.

Croco loco
Gee, if you want to see a pondful of politicians, I mean crocs, that they almost seem like rocks, you better check them out here. As I’ve said earlier we fed them chicken for 50php.
Our two and a half hour zoobic experience was indeed fun, it was packed with activities and animal encounters that we never once got bored. The 500php entrance fee was really worth our money. I hope that in the future, more animals like zebra, elephants and giraffes would be added to their zoo, it would be more wonderful and exciting if the visitors would be able to feed them as well. To top it all, a visit at Zoobic Safari is highly recommended!

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